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Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on the attack on young employment services such as college graduates in 2023
2024-06-26 11:09 The official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security    (Click: )
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Each province、Autonomous Region、The Human Resources and Social Security Department (Bureau) of the Human Resources and Social Security (Bureau) of the Municipal and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

To implement the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council,Further do a good job of promoting job promotion of university graduates and employment promotion of unemployed youth,It is now decided to launch young employment services such as college graduates such as college graduates nationwide。The relevant work notice is as follows:

1. Overall requirements

Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance,Resolutely implement the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council,Implement theme education "Learning Thought、Strong Party、Re -practice、Best European Cup prediction websiteNew Gong "Total What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?Requirements,Putting the employment of young people, especially college graduates in a more prominent position,Adhere to market leadership and government guidance,Policy support and service guarantee equally,Universal service and key assistance parallel,Based on real -name ledger,Strengthen policy implementation、Service Security、Rights and interests、Difficult help,Make sure the work is constantly file、Constant service,Strive for employment graduates with willingness to employment and registering unemployed youth can realize employment or participate in employment preparation activities before the end of the year。

2. Action topic

Service Promoting Employment  Build a dream to win the future

3, action time

July-December 2023

4. Service object

(1) Graduate graduates from unobstructed university departing from school in 2023;

(2) Une unemployed youth registered in the human resources and social security departments at all levels (including graduates of previous unobstructed universities and unemployed youths aged 16-24)。

5. Main measures

(1) Release public employment service information。By the end of June,The human resources and social security departments of the city and above should use various media,Generally issued an open letter or service announcement,Concentrated promotion of public employment services related content。Focus on "Four One",That is a public employment talent service agency、Archives management service agency and other lists,A job of employment and entrepreneurs、Talent introduction、Designation and other service lists,A public recruitment website、Recruitment list of high -quality human resources service agencies,A batch of job registration registration applets、Unemployment Registration National Unified Service Platform and other ways of help,Provide job search guidelines and convenience for young people such as unlimited graduates。

(2) Establish and improve the real -name ledger。By the end of June,Human resources and social security departments in various places must make a comprehensive Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024arrangement of the information of 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteregistered unemployed youth,SMS by phone、On -site visits and other methods,Find personal information one by one、Employment needs、Assistance Status,Records of unscrupulous employment,Forms a real -name ledger for the registered unemployed youth。By the end of July,Provincial human resources and social security departments must actively connect the education department and universities,Comprehensive acquisition of unable employment graduates information,Establish a real -name ledger in the 2023 unlike graduates。Allowing unable to employment graduates in the household registration、Frequently live place、Job Search Land Register or Register for Unemployment,Willing to ascend it,and timely incorporate the real -name ledger in the 2023 years of unlimited graduates。

(3) Comprehensively implement real -name employment services。To rely on the real -name account,Concentrated assistance to young people such as unlimited graduates,Provide employment and entrepreneurial services for targetedness。For employment willingness,Provide at least one policy announcement、1 career guidance、3 job promotion、1 skill training or employment trainee opportunity。For the willingness to start a business,Provide items、Funding support,and promote the entrepreneurial incubation base to open to them for free in a certain proportion。For young employment status and service provision of unable employment graduates,Draw in a timely manner in the account、Dynamic update。

(4) Organize the implementation of employment knot help。Families from poverty alleviation、Ministerial Family、Zero employment family and the 2023 unable to employment graduates and long -term unemployed youths with disabled as the key assistance objects,Implement "one person, one gear"、"One Strategy" precise assistance,Organize party members and cadres、Service agency to carry out pairing assistance,Professional guidance for priority,Priority What is the most accurate football prediction site Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024in Europe?recommendation Job information,Priority to provide training trainees。Employment service station through the door of the house、Government purchase service and other methods,Provide practical guidance for long -term unemployed youth、Career Guidance、Employment assistance,Please ask them to go out,More contact with society,Stimulate employment power。It is difficult to employment through market channels,Use public welfare positions to place it。

(5) Vigorously promote the implementation of employment policies to implement。To continue to update the list of young employment and entrepreneurs such as graduates,Determine policy content、Subsidy Standard、Application process, etc.,Binding and packaging push for employers and unlike graduates such as employment。New insured persons should be added monthly、Labor work filing、Employment registration data compares with the assistant account,Timely lock the policy object,Change "Find Policies" as "Policy Finding"。

(6) High -frequency recruitment service activities。It is necessary to arrange according to the special activities of public employment services in "10+N",Holding a special recruitment of young people such as graduates,Encrypted online and offline recruitment,Rich industry enterprise professional special session、Live Bands and other characteristic recruitment,To be recruited in Zhou Zhou、There are positions from time to time。To organize recruitment activities into the community into the park,Convenient for young people in the area of ​​unable employment graduates apply for job application。Under -employed graduates and other young people with concentrated prefecture -level cities at or above the prefecture level,Hold at least 1 professional recruitment activity per week,Hold at least 1 comprehensive recruitment activity per month。

(7) Actively provide convenient and employment services。To sink the professional employment service forces,Coordinated use of grass -roots platforms、Community 2024 European Cup Football What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?Official Websiteoutlets and other resources,Promote 15 minutes employment service circle,Promote the employment service station of "Home Door",Improve the perception of employment services for university graduates and unemployed youths。To deeply integrate employment services with digital technology,Accelerate the online and offline all -in -one service,Provide recruitment and job search、Policy Consultation、Career Guidance、Entrepreneurship counseling and other online services,More convenient youth enjoy service。We must organize and participate in all levels of human resources service agencies at all levels,Provide diversification for youth、Professional employment service。

(8) Implementing youth special skills training plan。Relying on the government's public service platform,Timely disclosure vocational training institutions directory and subsidy vocational training project directory。Young groups such as unlimited graduates with willingness to employment and training needs actively provide training services,Touched the professional foundation and training needs,Carefully designing the content of the course,Rich training method,Vigorously carry out new occupations、Advanced Manufacturing、Training in the field of modern service industry,Enhance the development of youth groups to adapt to industrial development、job requirements and ability of grassroots employment。Encourage enterprises to conduct apprenticeship training for young people such as newly recruited unlimited graduates,Through the Double Division of the Enterprise School、Engineering alternation,Cultivate high -skilled talents suitable for enterprise development and jobs。

(9) Continuously strengthen employment rights protection。To strengthen the supervision of the human resources market order,False recruitment、Employment discrimination、"Training Loan"、Privacy information leaks and other illegal acts key rectification。To strengthen policy and regulations,Take a variety of forms What is the most accurate football prediction site 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitein Europe?of labor security laws and regulations involved in employment employment to young people and employers such as non -employed graduates,Guide enterprises to regulate recruitment behavior。Special reminder to prevent job search traps in time,Changtong Complaint Report Channel,Help young people such as unable employment graduates to improve prevention awareness。

(10) Widely carried out employment propaganda guidance。Make full use of TV、Internet and other media platforms,Various forms of development、Publicity activities with rich content,Let young people such as employment graduates understand policies and measures to promote employment and entrepreneurship,Feel the attention of the party and the country。To strengthen typical guidance,Provincial human resources and social security departments should organize typical publicity of young employment,Introduction of no less than 10 services major strategies、Det first -line production、Active entrepreneurial innovation、Young people at the grassroots level of urban and rural grassroots,Widely propagated the advanced deeds of their hard work in ordinary posts,Show the spirit of the new era of young people employment and entrepreneurship in the new era,Guide young people such as unable employment graduates to choose occupations and jobs from the actual departure,Multi -channel realization of employment and entrepreneurs、Jian Gong and Establishing Industry。

6. Work requirements

Human resources and social security departments in various places should use the 2023 college graduates and other youth employment services as an important starting point for current employment work,Implementation of territorial responsibility,Refined implementation plan,Clear work measures、To actively contact the relevant departments。To actively contact the relevant departments,Strengthen coordination and cooperation,Advanced Policy Service Resources,and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of market institutions and industry associations。To strengthen 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitethe tracking Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024scheduling,Timely summarizing and dynamic submission tasks to complete、Work progress、Typical experience、Suggestions for Opinions,Report actions in time before the end of the year。

The ministry will start from July,Information connection of the 2023 unable to employment graduates in various places (Fill in the work progress summary form before the end of July,See the attachment 2) and the job registration applet for help graduates contact the service situation for weekly scheduling,Perform half -month scheduling for 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteregistered unemployed youth and real -name ledger in 2023 unlike graduates。After the operation is over,You must carefully summarize the work situation,Put forward improvement measures,Form a written report,The Employment Promotion Division of the Ministry of Employment was submitted before the end of the year。

Attachment: 1. Dreaming of youth employment sail -to a letter to the 2023 college graduates (slightly)

              2. Summary table (slightly)


The General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

                                  June 23, 2023

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