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The Ministry of Education announced the results of the filing of the major enrollment major in the 2024 higher education continuing education and the notification of the filing result of the setting results of off -campus teaching points [2024] No. 3
2024-06-27 08:54 Ministry of Education's official website    (Click: )
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Each province、Autonomous Region、Education Department (Education Commission),Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps,Education Department (Bureau),All colleges and universities、All provincial universities in the province:
According to the "Notice of the Ministry of Education's Management Measures on the Education and Education Professional Settings Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024of Higher Education" (Faculty [2016] No. 7)、"Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Promoting the Reform of the Continuing Education Reform of the New Era of the New Era" (Faculty of Fleee [2022] No. 2)、"Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on strict standardization of higher education continuing education points for continuing education points" (Faculty of Instance [2022] No. 1) and 2024 Higher Education Continuing Education Professional and Outside Teaching Settings and Settings and School of Teaching Points Management requirements,The Ministry of Education will be filed and announced by the 2024 Higher Education Continuing Education Admissions and Extraordinary Teaching Points submitted by the provincial education administrative department.。
The Ministry of Education summarized Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024820 high -degree continuing education in 2024 (of which,411 undergraduate majors、409 college majors),23260 professional points (where,13120 undergraduate professional points、10140 special points of specialist specialty)。The Ministry of Education summarized 7099 out -of -school teaching sites in 2024,Among them, 5711 are set up in the province of the local universities,299 points of local universities across provinces,There are 1089 points in colleges and universities affiliated to the central department。According to relevant regulations,Higher Education Self -Study Examination List of Examination was organized by provincial examination committees to announce to the public。
From now on,You can query the professional and off -campus teaching points information that passed the filing in the national Best European Cup prediction websitehigher degree continuing education information management system。Where,Professional setting the filing results query website is (, the specific information is subject to the platform announcement.
Admissions Source Plan for Adult College of the Ministry of Education The online management system will be filled with the professional、Professional points and other data as the basis for enrollment management services。Universities in various places must strictly carry out enrollment enrollment for higher education in accordance with the enrollment professional organization announced by the Ministry of Education。
Provincial education administrative departments must effectively fulfill the responsibility Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024of territorial management,Strengthen the guidance and management of professional settings and off -school teaching points,Optimize the regional structure layout。All universities must earnestly fulfill the main responsibility,Strengthening the construction of school continuing education majors and daily management of off -school teaching points。The Ministry of Education will take the setting and management of academic academic continuing education and the setting and management of off -campus teaching sites as an important starting point,Constantly improving the quality of education talent training and school running level。


Ministry of Education
June 18, 2024

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