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The Office of the Ministry、Learning and Through What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?the Chinese Communist Psychiatric Spectrum "Propaganda Education Notice
2024-07-09 15:21 Ministry of Education    (Click: )
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Men's Hall letter [2024] No. 12

Each province、Autonomous Region、Education Department (Education Commission)、Party History and Literature Department of the Party Committee、The Department of Retired Military Affairs (Bureau)、SASAC,Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps、Party History Research Office、Retired Military Affairs Bureau、SASAC,Party Committee of the Ministry of High Schools、The Party Committee of the Provincial Union Construction of the Ministry:
In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping at the fifth collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、The spirit of the important speech at the first normal college in Hunan and the spirit of the important instructions of the school's ideological and political courses,Implement the "Regulations What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?on Party History Study and Education",In -depth implementation of the newcomer soul casting project,Use the inheritance of the red gene,Promote the normalization of party history learning and education,Education guides students to enhance the high consciousness of implementing "two maintenance"、Strong patriotic struggle and supporting,Celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with practical actions,Ministry of Education、The History of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute、Retired Military Affairs Department、Decision of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council,Carry out the "Inheritance Red Gene for colleges and universities across the country、Learning Thoughts and Practice Chinese Communists' Psychiatric Spectrum "Propaganda Education。The relevant matters are notified as follows。
1. Overall requirements
Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance,Frank to answer the core topic of good education for the construction of a good country,to draw spiritual strength,Education guides the majority of students to participate in the construction of a strong country、National Revitalization's great cause is the main line,Persist in extra -curricular extra -curricular、Outside the school、Online and offline combination,Person in learning the "Five History" and the great achievements of the new era,Use good red resources and excellent Chinese traditional cultural resources,Education guides the majority of young students to perceive the spirituality of What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?the Chinese Communists、Realize the red gene of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China、赓 Renewal of red blood,Efforts to grow into the newcomer of the era of the rejuvenation of the nation。
2. Main arrangements
Universities in various places must focus on the "inheritance of red gene、The theme of the spirituality of What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?the Chinese Communist Party ",Comprehensively promote the history of the party、History of New China、History of reform and opening up、History of Socialist Development、The history of the development of the Chinese nation and the great achievements of the new era organically integrate into the various aspects of education, teaching, ideological and political work,From the casting soul、Bacon、Du Xing、Hongzhi four levels,Digging vivid materials、Innovative learning form,Deepen Patriotism、Collectivism、Socialist Education,The ambition to cultivate the "strong country" in learning and practice、Bone Qi、Base Qi,The youth forces of condensing the construction of a strong country and the national rejuvenation。
(1) Soul casting: Psychological spectrum preaching。Deepen the new era of advanced figures to enter the campus and state -owned enterprise leaders,Ministry of Education、Central Propaganda Department、Central Party School (National Academy of Administration)、The History of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute、Retired Military Affairs Department、The State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council formed a preaching group of the "Chinese Communist Party Psychiatric Spectrum Department"。The Ministry of Education will hold a national demonstration activity in a timely manner。Actively mobilize universities in various places、Wide invitation to great spiritual experience、Witcher、Inheritor, etc.,Report、Interview、Symposium and other forms of the podium for reports,Tell the Story of Revolutionary War for college students、Construction Development Story、Reform and opening up story、Story of Struggle Strive、Teaching and educating people,It is clear that the People's Republic of China has been established 75 years since the establishment of the party and the people since the 18th CPC National Congress.、Great achievements,Guide students to better use Chinese theory to understand Chinese issues Best European Cup prediction websiteand practice,Strong Socialist Road Confidence with Chinese Characteristics、Theoretical self -confidence、System self -confidence、Cultural self -confidence。
(2) Bacon: Red Culture Runxin。The Ministry of Education, together with Xinhuanet and other mainstream media, build national colleges and universities with red cultural resource maps,Systematic combing and visual presentation of red resources of colleges and universities。Universities in various places must closely contact the party to unite and lead the people of the country,Deepen the use of school history、History of Industry Development、Red genes in the history of urban area construction,Create more characteristic Dasian Political Course、Original cultural boutique、Internet educating works and immersive experience vector,Promoting red gene characterization、Caseization、specificization、actionization。Combined with the excellent traditional culture of China、Revolutionary Culture、Socialist Advanced Culture,Comprehensive use of classic recitation、Song Singing、Act's editor、Oral History Interview、Museum Memorial Visit and Red Story VR (Virtual Reality)、XR (Extended Reality) Experience and other forms,Construct a practical course for red culture teachers and students、Campus compulsory courses、Social Open Course,Guide the majority of students to better use the deep power of Chinese culture and love the country and love the country and love socialism。
(3) Du Du: Visiting of national conditions and social conditions。The theme of colleges and universities in various places with "Intrethyl integrate into the big me",Organize the majority of teachers and students to carry out in -depth summer social practice activities,Guide students to review the important inspection footprints of General Secretary Jinping,Deep in the countryside、Community、Enterprise、Scientific Institute、Military Camp、Daland heavy weapon,Experience the comparison of the past and the past、Chinese Best European Cup prediction websiteand foreign comparison,Appreciation of the country's development, especially the great achievements of the new era,Witness the unique advantage of "governance of China",firm "finding hard to eat" growth path,Better uses the theory and national conditions of Chinese practice to penetrate the theory and national conditions,Continuously enhanced the political identity of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics、Ideas、Theoretical identity、Emotional identity。Through the implementation of the credits、Incident in the workload and other methods,Comprehensively promote school leaders、Professional teacher、Counselor、Class teacher, etc. as a student's social practice instructor,Guide the relevant industries in the industry in the industry to establish school and land、School Enterprise、School Education Community、Carry out special practice actions。
(4) Hongzhi: There is me for the rejuvenation of the country。Ministry of Education、Central Radio and Television Terminal Co -Create National History Learning Special Program,Organize a centralized display activity in a timely manner。Universities in various places must closely combine the "August 1" Army Festival、"Eleventh" National Day and other important time nodes and school、Graduation、Military training and other key education links,Organizational theme party group day、The theme activities such as joining the party and the swore and patriotic songs,Guide the majority of students to further plant love for the country、Strong Strong Kingdom、Bow up and report to the Bank of China。Organize the collection and display activity of the story of teachers and students from universities and students to report to the country,Universities in various places must deeply tap and report the story of campus strong country、Teachers and students report to the country,Use a carrier suitable for network communication、Language、Form,Topics such as "I grow with the motherland with the motherland", "My hometown", "My Military Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024Career" and other topics,Concentrated showing that the youth in the new era is unswervingly listening to the party、The spiritual style of walking with the party。In -depth development of the "Retired Military Exhibition & Middot; Red Culture Entering Campus" activity,Organize a special report meeting for retired soldiers,Continue to stimulate the enthusiasm of college students to participate in the army。
3, organizational guarantee
(1) Strengthening coordinated promotion。Universities in various places should take this publicity and education as an important measure for the education achievements of the theme of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping in the new era.,Combined with the party discipline learning and education being carried out,and the region、High -quality educational resources and characteristic brands inside and outside the school link up,Pay attention to、Special deployment,Make sure work effectiveness。Universities in various places must clearly lead the department and responsible person,Feedback to promote the education contact information form on time。
(2) Strengthening collaboration。Education departments in various places must play a leading role,Strengthen the planning plan,Provincial party committee party history and literature department、Retired Military Affairs Department、State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other departments must strongly support,Assistance to make a good contact and connection、Red Resource Extract、Practice visit organization、Show of youth style display。All universities must focus on the theme of the event,From target -oriented、Effect -oriented departure,Actively invite advanced characters、Party History Experts, etc. to preach,Give full play to the "one -stop" student community、Party Youth League Branch、Student Society and Red Culture Promotion Base、Patriotic Education Base、"Da Si Political Class" practical teaching base,Combined with the first lesson Best European Cup prediction websiteof school、Ceremony Education、Graduate Party members education and other improvement of educational effectiveness,Carry out no less than 3 theme activities before the end of the year。
(3) Strengthen publicity and promotion。The Ministry of Education will strengthen platform support,Cooperation of Central Radio and Television Terminal、People's Network、Xinhuanet and other media carried out comprehensive reports,Organize education media matrix comprehensive linkage,Open column special publicity promotion,Relying on the National Smart Education Public Service Platform,Launched a group of outstanding preaching works。Universities in various places must grasp the correct political direction、Public opinion orientation、Value orientation,Resolutely oppose historical nihilism and other errors,Resolutely prevent formalism,Prevent "low -level red"、"Advanced Black",Actively coordinate the local publicity department and mainstream media,Continuously enhanced publicity and education attraction and appeal。

The General Office of the Ministry of Education   The General Office of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute
The General Office of the Department of Retired Military Affairs  General Office of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council
July 2, 2024

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