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Notice of the General Office of the Ministry
2024-07-09 15:25 Ministry of Education    (Click: )
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Faculty Jane Hall letter [2024] No. 21

Each province、Autonomous Region、Education Department (Education Commission),Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production Construction Corps:
In order to implement the important deployment of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on deepening the reading activities of the whole people,Implementation of the "National Youth Student Reading Action Implementation Plan" jointly issued by the eight departments such as the Ministry of Education (Taoji [2023] Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024No. 1),Continue to promote wide development of national youth students' reading actions,Guide young people to love reading、Read a good book、Good reading,The Ministry of Education decided to carry out the "Reading Classic and I Thinking" (hereinafter referred to as "Reading Classic Activities")。The relevant matters are notified as follows。
1. Overall requirements
All schools in various places should continue to in accordance with the requirements of the "National Youth Student Reading Action Implementation Plan",Organizing young students' reading actions into the National Reading Activities,Enrich students' reading content,Innovative reading action carrier,Improvement of Reading Dear Effective Mechanism,Constantly improving the reading service system of each section of segments,Improve the level of construction of "Shuxiang Campus"。With reading classic activities as an important starting point,Continuously deepen the effective path of innovating young students' reading actions,Enhance the wide degree of participation and enthusiasm of reading operations。
2. Activity goals
Guide primary and secondary school students to read classic works,Stimulate reading interest and enthusiasm for reading,Cultivate reading ability and thinking habits,Inherit the excellent traditional culture of China,Promote the core values ​​of socialism。Guide teachers and students from primary and secondary schools in various places to strengthen reading and sharing,Promote schools and teachers and students from all over the country,Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024Create a stronger reading atmosphere inside and outside the school。By creating a richer brand reading activity,Promote the effective development of classic activities,Promoting the wide implementation of national youth students' reading actions,Help the reading volume of the majority of young students increased significantly,Reading interest、Reading ability continues to improve,Lifetime reading habits gradually develop。
3, activity content
(1) Ancient and modern penetration -I relay。Carry out the theme reading activities such as "Learning New Thoughts and Being a successor", "Dianyao China", "Science and Love Science",Each class of primary and secondary schools carry out at least one of the classic theme reading activities per semester。Promote primary and secondary school students to read Chinese traditional classics、Red Classic、Popular science classics and other classic works,Strengthening paper book reading,Reading Classic、Inheritance relay medium accumulation of cultural heritage、Enhance cultural self -confidence。
(2) Reading combination -I share。All schools in various places should actively carry out various reading and sharing activities,Build a student display reading results、Reading and Sharing Platform of the Reading Experience,Encourage students to write insights、Mind Map、Painting works、Textbook drama and other forms share reading thinking,Primary and secondary school teachers actively share classic Guide resources。
What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?(3) A combination of knowledge and action -I grow up。Universities in various places combined with actualities,United Museum、Cultural Museum、Science and Technology Museum、Patriotic Education Base and various research bases to carry out flexible and diverse "reading lessons",Link the "small world" in the book with the "big classroom" of society,Guide adolescents in combination、Knowledge and Film One Middle School realizes self -growth。
(4) Connected by my heart -I dedicate。Encourage primary and secondary schools to carry out pairing assistance,To rural areas、Donate books in primary and secondary schools in ethnic areas and remote areas,Encourage primary and secondary students in different regions to pass through pen friends、Book friends and other methods to communicate reading experience。Primary and secondary schools should actively carry out book exchange activities such as "Book R of Books" and "Little Book Market",Improve the utilization rate of books,Stimulate students to read the enthusiasm。
4. Activity support
Relying on the National Smart Education and Reading Platform ( continues to carry out primary and secondary school reading and sharing activities,Share content meets the relevant requirements of the "National Youth Student Reading Action Implementation Plan",Encourage primary and secondary schools and teachers and students to share classic works on the national smart education reading platform、Guide Resources and Cases of Activity。
(1) Share content
1. Reading works。Works shared by primary and secondary school students after What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?reading or participating in various reading activities,Including the reading experience written,and the Mind Mind Map、Painting、Short drama、Recitation、Hand copy newspaper、Handmade works and other forms of works。
2. Guide Resource。Share it by teachers in primary and secondary schools,Focus on sharing the introduction video of reading guidance for specific reading content。
3. Cases of reading activities。Share it from primary and secondary schools,Divided into two categories: school and class,Reading like teachers and students、Reading of famous artists、Family parent -child reading、Reading class、Speech、Recitation、Hand copy newspaper、Reporting Report Meeting、Theme class meeting、Reading essay、Reading month、Reading Week、Reading Festival and other reading activities。
(2) Specific requirements
National Smart Education and Reading Platform Implementing "Ministry -Provincial -Municipal -County (District) - School" level 5 management,Administrators at all levels can log in to the platform to learn about the participation of the teachers and students of the local school,Primary and secondary school teachers and students can log in to the platform to view activity guide。The school administrator must strictly review the content of the teacher and students to share,Selected content will be presented on the reading platform,For free learning from teachers and students for free learning。The participation of reading and sharing activities in various places will be used as Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024an outstanding case of the Ministry of Education's 2024 national youth students' reading action area and important reference for the selection and recommendation of "Shuxiang Campus"。Encourage schools to stimulate the initiative and enthusiasm of students to participate in reading and sharing by selecting "Little Readers"。
5. Work arrangements
(1) Strengthen organizational leadership。All localities must strengthen the leadership of classic activity organizations,Improve the work mechanism of the "Provincial -Municipal -County -School" work mechanism,Education administrative department must set up an activity leading group,Increase funding investment and condition guarantee,Optimized reading environment,Rich reading resources,Carry out various activities,Establish an incentive mechanism; primary and secondary schools should include classic activities in key tasks,Secretary、The principal grabs,"One School, One Case" formulate an implementation plan。
(2) Increase publicity。All places must continuously explore and innovate the effective path for young students' reading actions,Timely summarizing condensed typical experience,Relying on newspapers、Broadcast、TV、Network and Weibo、WeChat and other platform carriers,Broadly promoted the characteristic bright spots of reading classic activities,Vigorously create a strong atmosphere of continuous and in -depth development of young students' reading actions。
(3) Do a summary report。Please Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024all provincial education administrative departments before December 15, 2024,Summary of the annual work of classic activities to the Ministry of Education,Comprehensive summary of the implementation of reading operations、Participate in reading and sharing activities for local primary and secondary schools,Especially paying attention to summarizing and refining vivid and vivid、Reflecting the improvement of reading and promoting school education and teaching quality、Typical cases that promote the growth and development of teachers and students。

   National Smart Education reading platform: customer service phone 4001910910,QQ customer service 4001910910


The General Office of the Ministry of Education
June 12, 2024

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