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Notice of the General Office of the State Council's "Several Policies and Measures to Promote the High -quality Development of Entrepreneurship Investment"
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Each province、Autonomous Region、People's Government of the Municipal Municipality,All ministries and commissions of the State Council、Direct institutions:
    "Several policy and measures to promote high -quality development of entrepreneurial investment" has been agreed by the State Council,It is issued to you,Please implement the execution carefully。

General Office of the State Council
June 15, 2024
(There are deletions in this article)

Several policies and measures to promote high -quality development of entrepreneurial investment

    Development of entrepreneurial investment is promoting technology、Industry、Important measures for the virtuous cycle of finance。To implement the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council,Promoting high -quality development of entrepreneurial investment,The following policy measures are proposed。
    1. Overall requirements
    Promoting high -quality development of entrepreneurial investment,Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Comprehensively implement the 20th spirit of the party,Full、Accurate、Comprehensive implementation of new development concepts,Focus on promoting high -quality development,Full chain Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024around the entrepreneurial investment "fund -raising management",Further improve the policy environment and management system,Actively support entrepreneurial investment to make bigger and stronger,Give full play to the important role of entrepreneurial investment to support scientific and technological innovation,Guide entrepreneurial investment stability and increase investment in key areas in accordance with the principle of marketization and rule of law,Strengthen the status of corporate innovation subjects,Promoting the growth of technology -based enterprises,To cultivate new quality productive forces、Realize high -level technology self -reliance、Fretion of new development new kinetic energy and new advantages provides strong support。
    2. Cultivate a diversified entrepreneurial investment subject
    (1) Accelerate the cultivation of high -quality entrepreneurial investment institutions。Encourage industry backbone enterprises、Scientific research institutions、Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform Institutions, etc. participate in entrepreneurial investment,Focus on cultivating a group of outstanding entrepreneurial investment institutions,Support small and medium -sized entrepreneurial investment institutions to improve the development level。Guide the operation of entrepreneurial investment institutions,Improve equity investment、Industry guidance、Strategic Consultation and other comprehensive service capabilities。Entrepreneurship investment institutions to carry out private equity fund business,The registration and filing procedures should be performed in accordance with laws and regulations。The subject that has not been registered,Investment in its own funds。
   (2) Support the development of professional entrepreneurial investment institutions。Increase the cultivation of professional entrepreneurial investment institutions in high -tech segments,Guidance drives the development of a batch of specialized new "little giants" enterprises,Promote the competitiveness of small and medium -sized enterprises。Focus on new fields and new tracks,Entrepreneurship investment institutions that lead the original leading scientific and technological innovation for investment,Increase policy support,Guide entrepreneurial investment to give full play to early investment、What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?Vote small、The role of throwing hard technology。
   (3) Give full play to the role of the government's funding investment fund。Give full play to the national emerging industry entrepreneurial investment guidance fund、National SME Development Fund、National Scientific and Technological Achievement Conversion Guidance Fund,Further superior to strong,Improve market -oriented operational efficiency,Support strategic emerging industries and future industries。Optimize the management of government -funded entrepreneurial investment funds,Reform and perfect fund assessment、Missing fault tolerance mechanism,Improve performance evaluation system。System research solves the issue of concentration of entrepreneurial investment funds invested by the government。
   (4) Implement and improve the management system of state -owned entrepreneurial investment。Support conditions for state -owned enterprises with conditions to play their own advantages,Use the Entrepreneurship Investment Fund to increase the leading enterprise of industry science and technology、The transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the investment intensity of small and medium -sized enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain。Improve the state -owned enterprise investment management system and due diligence liability exemption mechanism in line with the characteristics of the entrepreneurial investment industry and the laws of development,Explore the assessment of state -owned entrepreneurial investment institutions in accordance with the entire fund life cycle。
    Three, multi -channel broadening the source of entrepreneurial investment funds
   (5) Encourage long -term capital investment towards entrepreneurial investment。Support insurance institutions in accordance with the principle,Insurance Funds Investment and Entrepreneurship Investment Fund after penetrating the underlying assets is the equity of the unlisted company of the strategic emerging industry,Underground asset risk factor applicable to insurance company's solvency supervision rules related requirements。Encourage eligible entrepreneurial investment institutions to issue corporate bonds and debt financing tools,The ability to enhance entrepreneurial investment institutions to raise long -term stable funds。
   (6) Support asset management institutions to increase investment in entrepreneurial investment。Support long -term investment products Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024that support asset management institutions development and entrepreneurial investment。Compliance in accordance with laws、Under the premise of strict control of risk,Support private equity management product investment and entrepreneurial investment fund。Encourage asset management agencies to operate the operating characteristics and financial needs of technology -based enterprises at different growth stages,Provide and improve equity investment、Bond Investment、Comprehensive financial services such as stock investment and asset service trusts。
   (7) Expand the pilot scope of direct equity investment in financial asset investment companies。Supporting financial asset investment companies on the basis of summing up Shanghai's pilot development experience,Steady expansion of pilot areas,Give full play to the financial asset investment company at entrepreneurial investment、Equity investment、Professional advantages in corporate reorganization,Increase the support for scientific and technological innovation。
   (8) Enrich the product type of the Venture Investment Fund。Encourage the launch of more debt mixed entrepreneurial investment fund products,Better matching long -term financial allocation characteristics and risk preferences,Through preferred shares、Convertible bonds、Investment in the field of technology innovation。Actively develop entrepreneurial investment parent funds and contract -type entrepreneurial investment funds。
4. Strengthening the guidance and differentiation supervision of the Government of Entrepreneurship Investment
   (9) Establish a docking mechanism for entrepreneurial investment and innovation and entrepreneurial projects。Implementing "Specialty of Integrated Financial Industry Finance",Carrying out the results of science and technology planning roads for road performances、Specializing in Specialty New SME "January One Chain" and other activities,Organization selection of eligible technology companies、Specialty new SMEs,and enterprises and projects that drive more employment,Strengthen the docking with entrepreneurial investment institutions。
   (10) Implementation of patent industrialization promoting SME growth plan。Preferably a group of high -growth companies,Encourage entrepreneurial investment institutions 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteto carry out leading investment and targeted services around enterprise patent industrialization,Strengthen standardized cultivation and post -investment management。
   (11) Continue to implement tax preferential policies for the entrepreneurial investment enterprise。Implementing encouraging entrepreneurial investment enterprises and angel investment personal investment seed period、Tax support policies for enterprises such as the initial period of technology type,Increase policy promotion and counseling,Continuous optimization tax service。
   (12) Implementation of differentiated supervision that meets the characteristics of the entrepreneurial investment fund。Refinement of the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Private Equity Investment Fund,Register for the entrepreneurial investment fund、Fundraising、Investment operation、Risk monitoring、On -site inspection and other aspects to implement supervision policies differentiated with other private equity funds,Support the development of the Venture Investment Fund。
   (13) Orderly expand the opening of entrepreneurial investment。Amendment and improvement and improvement of the "Regulations on the Management of Foreign Investment and Entrepreneurship Investment Enterprises",Convenient for foreign investors engaged in entrepreneurial investment。Support international professional investment institutions and teams to set up a RMB fund,Give full play to its investment experience and comprehensive service advantages。Guide and standardize the orderly development of an entrepreneurial investment institution in my country。In -depth promotion of the pilot of cross -border financing convenience,Further optimize foreign direct investment (FDI) items under foreign exchange management,Convenient entrepreneurial investment institution and other business entities handle foreign exchange business。Research specifications of pilot mechanisms and institutional frameworks for qualified lyric partners (QFLP),Further expansion pilot scope,Guide overseas entrepreneurial investment institutions to regulate cross -border investment。
    5. Improve the exit mechanism of entrepreneurial investment
   (14) Broaden entrepreneurial investment exit channels。Give full play to the main board of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange、Science and Technology Board、GEM and National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System (Bei Stock Exchange)、Regional Best European Cup prediction websiteequity market and its "specialized new" special board function,Broaden mergers and acquisitions reorganization exit channels。Technology -based enterprises that break through key core technologies,Establishing listing financing、Bond issuance、M & A Reorganization Green Channel,Improve the issuance of the national SME shares transfer system (Beijing Stock Exchange)。Implement the management system of overseas listing filing,Unblocked Foreign Currency Entrepreneurship Investment Fund Exit Channel。
   (15) Optimize the withdrawal policy of entrepreneurial investment funds。Accelerate the issue of the equity withdrawal of bank insurance asset management products investment enterprises。Support the development of mergers and acquisitions funds and entrepreneurial investment secondary market funds,Optimized private equity fund share transfer business process and pricing mechanism,Promote the coordinated development of regional equity markets and entrepreneurial investment funds。Promoting the pilot of the stock allocation of the stock。
    6. Optimize the entrepreneurial investment market environment
   (16) Optimize the development environment of the entrepreneurial investment industry。Establish a new major policy mechanism for newly issued entrepreneurial investment,All departments are introducing the entrepreneurial investment industry、Venture Investment Institutions and other major policies,Evaluation of the consistency of macro policy orientation shall be carried out in accordance with regulations,Policy measures to prevent the introduction of enthusiasm of entrepreneurial investment, especially private investment。Standardized level of registered management of entrepreneurial investment enterprises and entrepreneurial investment management enterprises for continuous improvement。Establish and improve the statistical analysis system for the entrepreneurial investment industry,Strengthen information sharing between departments。
   (17) Create a good financial ecology that supports technological innovation。Compliance in accordance with laws、Under the premise of risk control,Support banking and entrepreneurial investment institutions to strengthen cooperation,Carry out "loan+external direct investment" and other businesses。Research and improve the scope of application of mergers and acquisitions、Duration、Policies and other policies such as capital contribution,Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024Expand the acquisition of loans for mergers and acquisitions in the field of scientific and technological innovation。Supporting eligible listed companies through issuing stocks or raising funds for convertible bonds。
    Each region、All departments should take the promotion of high -quality development of entrepreneurial investment as a vigorous development of technology finance、Accelerate the realization of high -level technology self -reliance、Important measures to promote high -quality development,Correction of the main responsibility,Carefully organized implementation。The National Development and Reform Commission must improve the working mechanism with relevant departments,Strengthen coordination and coordination,Form working together,jointly promoting various measures to promote high -quality development of entrepreneurial investment。

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