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A warm reminder issued by the Ministry of Education: Be careful of being deceived during the admissions of colleges and universities
2024-07-01 14:58 The official website of the Ministry of Education    (Click: )
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    Recent,The results of college entrance examinations in various places have been announced one after another,Admissions of colleges and universities Best European Cup prediction websitewill start soon,Some criminals also extended "black hands" to the field of examination enrollment,Use the eager psychology of candidates and parents,By making false information、false exaggeration publicity、Manufacturing anxiety and other methods,Use high -tech means to implement fraud。For this,The Ministry of Education is also in conjunction with relevant departments,Combined with some cases that have appeared in individual places in recent years,Solemn remind candidates and parents,It should be understood from the formal channel、Confirm the examination enrollment policy and information,Once you encounter a lie and say that spending money can go to college、Good professional,If the score is not enough, you can go to college and wait,To keep a sober mind and report to the police in time,Do not believe in the confusion of various gangs and individuals to be deceived,suffers from various losses。
a、Receive "Suspected Cheating" SMS,Be wary of caught in a scam
[Phenomenon] After the college entrance examination,Some candidates have received text messages from "a certain education department" or "a certain admissions examination institution",The SMS said that the candidate had suspected cheating in the test room monitoring What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?video back inspection,The results of the college entrance examination of candidates will be canceled,and ask for calling the phone number to consult confirmation in the text message。After calling the call,Scammers will pick up information step by step,induced click on the URL link or download APP,Requires payment fee or margin,Finally let candidates and parents transfer remittances to cause property loss。
[Reminder] Candidates collect candidates' information through illegal channels,Send candidates to the so -called "suspected cheating" notification SMS,Implementing precise fraud。Candidates once call call,It may be taken by criminals to collect more personal information or use "handling cheating" as the grounds of fraud。Here is reminding candidates,Do not believe in any SMS for cheating in the college entrance examination、Phone,In particular, do not easily click related links。Received such text messages, please pass the official channel to the education department for the first time、A verification of the admissions examination agency,Confirm the authenticity of the information,If you encounter fraud, you should call the alarm for the first time。
2、"Internal Channel" is not desirable,"Internal indicators" unbelievable
[Phenomenon] 2022,Mr. Zhou found He Mou, who declared that there was a doorway to get the "recruitment in the military school"。After that,He is running with legs、Playing fee, etc. As to ask Mr. Zhou for 375,000 yuan。until the end of the enrollment,Mr. Zhou's daughter is not accepted by the school promised by He Mou,And He Mou, for insufficient test scores, etc.。The same year,Liu Mou, the person in charge of an art education and training institution, declared to the parents of the candidates who have cultivated for many years,cooperation with many well -known art colleges in China,It can help candidates who are not within the admission range enter these art colleges through "reserved places in the plan",He has deceived more than 900,000 yuan for 9 parents。
[Reminder] During the admission period of colleges and universities,Some criminals use the eager mentality and fluke of candidates' parents,Clas to have internal special channels、Master the internal enrollment quota,Or can "reduce score admission" candidates,Some even forged the official document,Precursing the staff of the military or enrollment department,To achieve the purpose of cheating money。Here is reminding candidates and parents,Admissions of colleges and universities Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024are strict with workflow。Universities Admissions Program will be announced by the provincial admissions examination institution to the society,Unrelated province (district、City) The enrollment plan announced by all shall be arranged for enrollment。Universities in the recruitment province's unfinished enrollment plan,Public solicitation of volunteer admission,There is no so -called "internal indicator" during the admission process of the college entrance examination。Candidates and parents must be highly alert to such "spending money to buy college places" fraud information,Do not be deceived。
3、Recognize different educational types,Cappear "Masterpiece"
[Phenomenon] Some candidates do not meet the college admission requirements,But candidates and parents still have a strong desire for college,Think that you can take a shortcut when you pay more,Therefore, it is used by illegal molecules,Pay high admission fee、Fee fee, etc.。Candidates and parents spend money to get the admission notice,After entering school, I know that Shang is deceived。Even when some candidates got the graduation certificate, they found that it was not an ordinary higher education certificate at all,but an adult higher education academic certificate What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?or a diploma certificate for study,Wasting time and tuition。
[Reminder] Currently,Chinese higher education except for ordinary higher education,There are also adult higher education、Remote Network Education、Higher Education Self -Study Exams and other forms。Different admissions categories,The conditions for enrollment are also different,The graduation diploma obtained and the requirements for the employer are also different。Candidates and parents must carefully identify ordinary higher education and other educational forms,Choose the way of studying suitable for you。
Fourth, forged admission notices, brighten your eyes to see carefully
[Phenomenon] Criminals impersonate the staff of college admissions office,Sending forged admission notices to candidates,Send related admission SMS,Even fake false admissions websites,Check candidates to enter the designated bank account,Or obtain personal privacy information for other reasons,Then deceive money。
[Reminder] The Ministry of Education also implemented the 2024 college entrance examination in conjunction with the relevant departments,Carry out the special action of "Lighting the Authoritative Examination Admissions Institutions",Coordinated Best European Cup prediction websiteon the official website of the Internet platform to provincial admissions examination institutions and universities、WeChat public account, etc.。Candidates and parents should recognize the "official website" logo,Published through the official release、Certified website confirmation information,Pay attention to screening when receiving the admission notification information,Do not open the unknown website link,Do not easily transfer money without verifying the authenticity of the account。


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