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"Three Reinforcements" in Shaanxi Province Promoting Education Evaluation Reform Leading Higher Education High -quality Services Economic and Social Development
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    Shaanxi Province adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on education,Give full play to the advantages of science and education resources and the role of higher education leaders,Taking education evaluation reform as a traction,Guide college talents to cultivate strong quality、Strategic support strong advantages、Service Local Strong as,Effectively enhance education Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024support national strategy、The ability level of serving economic development,Making Shaanxi contribution to the construction of a strong country。
Strengthening "Quality Guide" in talent training。Focus on new positioning and new requirements for higher education,Vigorously promote the reform of higher education reform,Comprehensive improvement of organizational talent self -cultivation ability。First。Comprehensively promoting Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era into textbooks、Enter the classroom、Enter the brain,In -depth promotion of the construction of the comprehensive reform pilot zone of the national "Da Si Political Class",Deepen "Class Revolution & Middot; Shaanxi Action",Create the spirit of Yan'an、West Moving spiritual characteristic brand courses,Carry out the "New Era Youth Yan'an Bank" practical activity,Organize the "Hundred School Lianbai County Xingqian Village" and "Graduate Chief Education Group" and other help rural revitalization,Let students feel the root of China on the spot、Yan'an Soul、Fuxing Dream,Focus on cultivating the feelings and mission of the country's country。Second is to create a high -level discipline professional group。In -depth promotion of "double first -class" construction,It will support national strategy and economic and social development as an important part of the evaluation of discipline majors,Focus on the construction of 4 trillion levels of industrial clusters and key industrial chains in Shaanxi Province,Being best,Establish a "enrollment -training -employment" linkage feedback mechanism,Strengthen the dynamic adjustment of disciplines and majors,Through a strong Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024batch、Upgrade a batch、Layout a batch、Cultivate a batch、eliminated a batch,Gathering advantageous discipline majors chain、Groups、Chengshi,Continuous improvement of the development of talent training and industry industry development。Establish 7 basic discipline committees at the Provincial College Education and Independent Committee,Establishing basic discipline top students training alliance,Build a basic science "Digital" Research Institute、"Biochemical" Research Institute、Teacher Development Research Institute and Philosophy and Social Science Research Center,Strengthen the cultivation of innovative talents for basic disciplines。Third is to strengthen the quality of education and teaching。Grasp the review and evaluation of undergraduate education teaching,Establishing a provincial evaluation and coordination linkage mechanism,Add service local development、7 review points including cultural heritage and 1 "characteristic development" evaluation points,Create the four -link rectification inspection mode of "plan review -mid -term inspection -rectification return visit -results assessment",Guide colleges and universities' tree -solid standards、Adhere to the Student Center、Classified characteristic development。
Strengthen "Regional Positioning" in serving the national strategy。Taking open cooperation sharing as a traction,Implementing Education Open Evaluation,Establish a higher level of education open system,Strengthening the quality assurance of studying abroad,Promoting Education to open up and open a new situation。First, actively serve and integrate into high -quality co -construction of the “What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?Belt and Road”。Give full play to Shaanxi location and resource advantages,Research and formulation of 24 major education open evaluation index systems,Clear the training of international students in the "Belt and Road" countries in the joint construction of the "Belt and Road"、Scientific research cooperation、Exchange and interviews as important evaluation content,Dynamic monitoring of Shaanxi Education Open Development Status,Guide colleges and universities to accelerate the integration of the "Belt and Road"。Second, establish a higher level of education to open to the outside world。Strengthen the construction of international education community,Lead the establishment of "Silk Road University Alliance", "Belt and Road" Vocational Education Alliance "," Silk Road Agricultural Education Technology Innovation Alliance "and other cooperation exchange platforms。Formulate the "Qinling Workshop" construction evaluation index system,Establish 3 "Luban Workshop" overseas、7 "Qinling Workshop"。Study on the country's other regional research,Start the construction of the Humanities Research Center of the Silk Road。Internetization、Intelligent promoting high -quality education resources international sharing,Railway、26 majors and 293 curriculum standards in the fields of equipment manufacturing are being tanzania、Uzbekistan、Laos and 14 countries adopted。Third is to improve the quality assurance system for studying abroad。Improve the management measures for children's children's schools、School recruitment and training international student management regulations,Comprehensively regulate the enrollment of international 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitestudents、Training、Management and service。Relying on advantageous discipline majors to increase the training of high -level international talents,Beauty and strengthening the "Study Abroad Shaanxi" brand project and boutique courses,Improve measures for various links of "Selected Division and Pure",Implementing the "China -Central Asian Technical and Skills Promotion Plan",There are key points、Planning、Step steps to jointly build national training and training high -quality technical skills。
Strengthening "actual performance contribution" in service regional economic development。Deepen the reform of scientific and technological evaluation of universities,Strengthen organizational scientific research,Leading colleges and universities to grasp the essence of scientific and technological innovation,Make every effort to improve the ability of regional economic and social development。1 is to establish quality innovation quality、Performance、Contribution as the core evaluation orientation。Continuously perfecting incentive innovation、Policy group to promote conversion,Several opinions of formulating further strengthening the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities、Promoting the implementation opinions of provincial enterprises and colleges and universities, etc.,Guide colleges and universities to introduce the management measures for self -set up scientific research institutions,Accelerate the construction of the scientific and technological achievement transformation performance evaluation system,The results of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements with the annual assessment of the university leadership team、Admissions plan indicators allocation、Special fund Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024allocation of finance、Scientific research projects and platform construction support、The total resource allocation of resource allocation of performance wages is linked,Evaluation of actual contribution to school、Implementing to people。Second is to deepen the "three reforms" of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities。Relying on the original innovation driver platform of Qinchuang, Shaanxi,Comprehensive category of province、Science and engineering colleges and universities focusing on,Continuous strengthening innovation in industry -university -research collaborative innovation,In -depth implementation of scientific and technological achievements single -column management reform、Technical Transfer Talent Evaluation and Title Evaluation Reform、Horizontal Scientific Research Project Residual Fund Funding Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Reform,Build a special platform for transformation of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities,Layout to build Qinchuangyuan Shaanxi University Entrepreneurship Incubation Base,Selection of high -value achievements focusing on transformation,Fully release the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges and universities。Third is the form of innovative scientific research organizations。Establish "Enterprise Questions、Government Questions、Answer questions for colleges and universities、Enterprise Reading "Organization Mode,Add Qin Chuangyuan's "General window" special,Increase special support for local service,Innovative teams with cross -disciplinary discipline,Focus on the Layout of the key industrial Best European Cup prediction websitechain layout construction engineering research center、Key laboratory,Rejuvenation、Reorganization、Optimize 285 scientific research platforms for universities,Guide universities and territories、"Chain Lord" Enterprise Construction Education Science and Technology Talent Innovation Union、Industrial Innovation Alliance、University Science and Technology Park,Efforts to enhance the development capabilities of scientific and technological services in universities。2023,More than 200 scientific and technological enterprises in colleges and universities in the province;,increased 14%from the previous year; 18,000 technical contracts signed,The amount is 11.489 billion yuan,increased by 65.86%over the previous year。
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