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The Ministry of Education reminds candidates and parents to be alert to the "high -price counseling" trap
2024-07-01 15:41 The official website of the Ministry of Education    (Click: )
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    For some "high -priced" volunteer filling in the society in recent What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?years,The Ministry of Education reminds candidates and parents to treat various volunteers on the market to fill in guidance services,Do not trust the "high price" guidance consultation,Avoid unnecessary economic losses and volunteer filling risks。Here,Sort and summarizes some typical issues in the market in recent years,Remind candidates and parents to pay attention to prevention。
I. "Internal Data" is not mysterious
[Case] ​​Some institutions or individuals claim to have the so -called "internal big data",Can "accurately locate",Make sure that candidates enter their favorite majors,to induce candidates and parents to buy high -priced services。A verification,These data are not accurate,Even misleading,Many candidates fill in errors because they trust such data。
[Reminder] Before the college entrance examination is reported to volunteer every year,All provincial admissions Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024examination institutions will publish the statistics of the college entrance examination results of the year and the admission scores in various universities in recent years,Reference data used by consulting agencies or individuals on the market will collect summary through this open channel。But due to some consulting agencies and individuals' approval 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitebatch、The admissions policy does not conduct in -depth learning,There are blind spots and misunderstandings when using this data,Instead, misleading students and parents。
2. "Expert Team" is not professional
[Case] ​​Some institutions have played the banner of "college entrance examination volunteer planner" and "authoritative expert team",To increase your authority,Check the trust of candidates and parents。But in fact these so -called "college entrance examination volunteers" do not have relevant qualifications and experiences,Some even temporarily recruited social personnel,For candidates and parents in accordance with the "lines" provided by the headquarters。The service of parents purchased these institutions not only spent money,and may report an error volunteer。
[Reminder] Relevant departments have never issued professional qualification certificates such as "College Entrance Examination Volunteer Planning"。This year,All colleges and universities in various places organize various free online and offline enrollment consultation activities,and strengthen the training of the third -year class teacher,Establish a special work team,Provide candidates and parents with detailed and thoughtful Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024volunteer filling in consulting services。At the same time,Volunteer filling in the college entrance examination is the "last lesson" of high school graduates,The process of filling in the volunteer,Itself is also a candidate to know yourself、Plan the important step of the future。Candidates should be based on their own college entrance examination results、Interests and enrollment policies of colleges and universities,Report independently and reasonably,Plan the road of personal future academic and career development,Do not simply deliver it to an institution or individual。
3. The service quality is difficult to guarantee
[Case] ​​Some institutions use the anxiety of candidates and parents,charge a high service fee,and the pricing opaque,The content of the service "Look at people and dishes",Suspected of price fraud。A institution launched a college entrance examination volunteer filling service service for tens of thousands of yuan,Clas to provide "one -to -one" professional guidance,But many parents report just to simply provide some universal filling suggestions,Service content is seriously inconsistent with actual publicity,and the charging is high,I feel deceived。
[Reminder] The Ministry of Education guides provincial education administrative departments、Admissions Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024examination institutions are in conjunction with market supervision、Public Security and other departments carry out special governance of the college entrance examination volunteer reporting service,Continuous rectification of high -priced charges、false and exaggerated publicity、Policies of malicious song、Implementing fraud、Dissexual orientation and other market chaos,Strictly crack down on illegal and illegal acts。At the same time,Candidates and parents must also pay attention to screening,Fill in your own actual rational report,Do not consume blindly、impulse consumption。
Four, rendering anxiety over marketing
[Case] ​​Some volunteer filling in guidance agencies over -emphasize the employment prospects of certain majors,Create the illusion of "popular majors",Even release the so -called "professional ranking",To attract candidates to buy services。This "professional decision theory",deliberately rendering the anxiety atmosphere,The real purpose behind it is to sell courses、Sales Consultation Service,To profit with this。Some candidates listen to such guidance,Blind pursuit of "popular majors",After the result of admission,I don’t like it when I Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024find that I do n’t like it at all、Not suitable for the professional you apply for the exam。
[Reminder] Currently,College in talent training,Generally strengthening general education,Pay attention to the thick foundation、Broad -diameter,Dedicated to improve students' comprehensive quality and ability。At the same time,According to the "Regulations on the Management of Student Student Students",Universities have formulated specific methods for students to transfer to majors,Provide students with a second selection of professional opportunities for students。Many colleges and universities also implement the professional system of minoring,Promote the training of composite talents。So,Candidates and parents do not have to choose excessive anxiety about the professional,"Hot Professional" is not necessarily suitable for everyone,Only professional that matches interest and aspirations,Only to achieve personal long -term sustainable development。Compared to the professional "hot and cold",Students should focus on themselves,Combining personal interests and your own director,Pursuing the career direction suitable for your lifelong development。
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