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The Hanzhong Citizen Office Education Association celebrates the 39th Teacher's Day and Excellent Teacher Commendation Conference at Longgang High School in Hanzhong City
2023-09-14 18:57 Hanzhong Citizen Office Education Association    (Click: )
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Golden Autumn September with the joy of harvest,To grandly celebrates the 39th Teacher's Day,Recognition of those who are pouring up for education、Outstanding educators who work silently,Fully affirmed the work performance of teachers of the private education system,Encourage teachers to dedicate themselves to private education,Hanzhong Citizen Office Education Association held a "Hanzhong Citizen Office Education System to celebrate the 39th Teacher's Day and Excellent Teachers Commendation Conference" on September 7, 2023。Comrade Liu Zunquan, deputy governor of the Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Education Supervision Office of the People's Government of Nanzheng District、Yan Ligang, the director of the Social Education Stock Stock Exchange of the Education and Sports Bureau of Nanzheng District, and the leaders of various private schools and the commendable private education units participated in the meeting。

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First,President Zhang Wenbao of the Education Association of Hanzhong Citizen Office of the Hanzhong Citizen Office,On behalf of the Hanzhong Citizen's Education Association, he expressed condolences to teachers who work hard in the private education front of Hanzhong; he summarized the development of private education in our city in recent years; The effort and contribution; also proposed to the teachers, "To strengthen ideological leadership,firm ideals and beliefs; enhanced responsibility awareness,Courage to open 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteup and innovate "and other hopes and requirements,Encourage teachers to not forget the original intention of education,Keep in mind the teacher's mission,Continue to work hard,Continuously write a new chapter in private education。

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Next,The conference commended the 35 outstanding teachers selected by the education system of the citizens。Yang Xingbao, Executive Vice President of the Education Association of the Hanzhong Citizen Office, reads the commendation documents of excellent teachers,The Chairman of the Supervisor of the Education Association of Nanzheng District and the Hanzhong Citizen Office Education Association、Secretary -General and other leaders awarded honorary certificates and prizes for outstanding teachers who have been commended,Congratulations to them。

Teacher Pan Haiying, a teacher in the primary school of Longgang School Best European Cup prediction websitein Hanzhong City, speaks on behalf of excellent teachers,As a private school teacher who has taught for more than ten years,Deeply realized the difficulty of the development of private schools,I also realized that the responsibility of the teacher as a private school。He said: The cause of education is the cause of the soul,Need us to perceive in education and teaching practice、To improve、Pursue、To cultivate; need to have thoughts and wisdom in constant educational exploration,Improve the realm and pursuit in a firm action; excellent,Always on the road。

Last,Comrade Liu Zunquan, deputy governor of the Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Education Supervision Office of the People's Government of Nanzheng District,Teachers who work hard at the private education front to express greetings and congratulations to the festival。and proposed to the teachers to "talk about politics、Talking about pursuit、Dedication、Speaking as、Hope and requirements of dignity "。

2024 European Cup Football Official WebsiteThis commendation conference,It is to praise those educators who are outstanding in the field of private education。When they face various challenges and difficulties,Still adhere to the original heart,Cultivated batch of outstanding students。They use love、Wisdom and perseverance,Light the light of hope in each student's heart。They are the stars of education,Their efforts and contributions will inspire more people to embark on the road of education。

On the day of Teacher's Day,Let us bless teachers together,Remember the teacher,Respect teacher,Let the whole society form a good atmosphere of "respect for teachers and education",Cherish the power of education,To the future of education,Working hard。Let us work hard for the prosperity of the education.,Applause for each educator's hard work!

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