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The training class of the person in charge of the party organization of private universities is successfully concluded in Yan'an
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    April 25-26,The "Training Course of the Leader of the Party Organization of private universities" sponsored by the China Private Education Association was successfully held in Yan'an。This training aims to thoroughly study Best European Cup prediction websiteand implement the 20th spirit of the party,Promote the spirit of the great party and the spirit of Yan'an,Promote the level of party building in private universities to continuously improve。Rich training content,Diverse forms,from the opening ceremony、Special report、On -site teaching、Situation teaching, etc.,To pursue Yan'an as "point",To draw the spirit of Yan'an as the "line",By using a point -to -line method,Show the spirit of Yan'an to the trainees。Honorary President of the Chinese Private Education Association,The 10th 11th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress、Deputy Secretary -General of the Standing Committee,Li Lianning, deputy director of the 12th National People's Congress Legal Committee; Chairman of the Party Construction Professional Committee of the Chinese Private Education Association,Yu Yadong, first -level inspector of the Department of Perspenner and Political Work of the Ministry of Education; Chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association,Hao Lisheng, the original deputy secretary of the Higher Education Working Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee; President of the Red Culture Training Center of Yan'an Hongling Red Culture Training Center,Deputy Secretary of the former Discipline Inspection Commission of Yan'an University、Minister of Student Han Qingyuan; Professor of What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?Yan'an University,National Graduate Education Evaluation Monitoring Expert Library Expert,Hui Xiaofeng, a member of the National Huangda New Year Teaching Team "Yan'an Spirit Soul Casting Teaching Teaching Team", attended。The opening ceremony was chaired by Yue Peilei, Secretary -General of the Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association。

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Honorary President Li Lianning's Honorary President

    Honorary President Li Lianning pointed out in the opening speech,Education is "the country of the country、The Grand Program of the Party ",Is a lofty business。As an important part of my country's education,,Methods of running schools in private schools、Organizational structure、The running mode can be different,But insisting on the correct political direction、There is no exception in the correct orientation of the people,Private universities must coordinate high -quality party building to lead the school's cause of high -quality development,Continuously improve the work system of high -quality party building,Make private education fields always a strong position for adhering to the party's leadership。He emphasized,New era,People have new expectations and new requirements for private education,School party organizations should take the initiative to act in their career development,Give full play to the political core of private schools Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024and the role of combat fortress。First, insist on implementing the party's leadership into the entire process of running schools in private universities; the second is to ensure that private universities have always become the main position of adhering to the party's comprehensive leadership; ; Fourth, continue to promote high -quality development of party building in private colleges and universities。

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Chairman Yu Yadong's speech

    Chairman Yu Yadong said in a mobilization speech in the opening class,Yan'an is the Holy Land of the Chinese Revolution、Cradle of New China,Hope comrades cherish learning opportunities,Careful learning、Thinking carefully,Strive for ideological understanding、New improvement in quality and ability,There are new actions in the hard -working school,and expect expectations and requirements for students: First, to improve standing learning,To be deeply enlightened; the second is to claim the benchmarking table to learn,Demonstration and leadership; Third, we must know and do one learning,To learn the combination。

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President Hao Lisheng delivered a speech

    President Hao Lisheng said in his opening speech,Yan'an once gave birth to the hot soil of the great spirit of the Chinese revolution,Now it has become a new path for us to explore party building work in private universities、An important position of new methods。Here,We Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024must not only relive revolutionary history,More to draw the revolutionary spirit,Refine the party with Yan'an spirit,Inject new vitality into the party building work of private universities。Yan'an spirit is our valuable spiritual wealth and educational resources。Integrate the spirit of Yan'an into the party building work of private universities,High -quality development with high -quality party building leaders of universities。

Hui Xiaofeng made a special counseling report

    Professor Hui Xiaofeng made a special counseling report entitled "Yan'an Spirit and its era value"。Students learned from the report that the Party Central Committee in the 13th year of Yan'an,Leadership and command of the people of all ethnic groups across the country to rescue the rescue map、The glorious history of saving the national crisis。The history of this period shows the ideal beliefs of the older generation of revolutionaries.、Never change the original mission、The consistent struggle posture。The report has deepened the historical logic of the students' 20 major reports of the party、Theoretical connotation、Practice requirements and Chinese -style modernization understanding and understanding。

    On -site teaching link,The trainees came along the footprint of General Secretary Xi Jinping to the Yan'an Revolution Memorial Museum,Visit What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?"Great Process -the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in the 13th Years of Yan'an",Along the History Gallery,Listen to the 13th years of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in Yan'an; deeply understand the fire of the stars in the barren town,Under the correct leadership of the party,Sprinkle the revolutionary fire throughout the north and south of the motherland,Forming the potential of Liaoyuan,A great change of victory。
    Situation teaching link,Students came to Yan'an Study College,Revisiting the party's oath,The resolute and generousness that evokes the bottom of the heart when joining the party,Build the foundation of ideals and beliefs;,Complete the meaning of Marxism -Leninism in Yan'an kiln cave;,Appreciation of revolutionary history,Revisiting the years; at the same time, I visited the History Museum of Yan'an University。During the period,The training class also held a solemn root -seeking ancestor ceremony in the Yellow Emperor Mausoleum。
    This training course is the first phase,Co -hosted by the Association's Party Construction Professional Committee and Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association,A total of 18 provinces from the country、City、More than 150 people in charge of more than 90 private universities in the autonomous region participated in。Everyone said,Training is full,2024 European Cup Football Official WebsiteNot only received the influence and baptism of red culture,It also strengthened the original intention and mission of serving the development of private education,Looking forward to holding the second issue as soon as possible。

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