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Effective classroom construction of Chengcheng County Experimental School: Focusing on the effects of effective implementation of the classroom
2024-06-24 09:02 The official website Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education    (Click: )
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Classroom is the core area of ​​inheritance culture,is the main channel for course implementation,is the key path for teachers' growth。The spirit of the document of the "Guiding Opinions of the Effective Class Construction of Compulsory Education in Chengcheng County",Chengcheng County Experimental School adheres to the teachings of "teaching students for six years to think of students throughout their lives",Implementing the school -running concept of "born with the United States and the United States",Construction of "one training, two research, three reflection, four reflects five clearing five clear" effective classroom construction work mechanisms,In daily education and teaching work, fine management promotes the routine and effective implementation of teaching,The guidance of the expert team will lead the teachers to effectively improve the literacy,Effective classroom radiation drives the comprehensive development of students' quality。

First, accurate positioning,Powerful advance。The school 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteorganizes different levels of "Guidance Opinions of the Effective Class Construction of Compulsory Education in Chengcheng County",Each discipline group takes the problem as the entry point,Focus on hot spots that need to be solved in the teaching practice of this subject、Difficult point、Key points、Blind Points, etc.,Discussion on guidance,Press related opinions,Put forward a feasibility scheme suitable for school development,The "Effective Class Implementation Plan of Chengcheng County Experimental School" was formulated。"7" is the seven -step method of operation design (point、Quote、Estimation、Analysis、Set、Supplement、correction)。Building "361 Main Specification" Classroom teaching mode: "3" is the pre -class of classroom teaching、In class、Three links after class; "6" uses pre -pre -pre -、Guide、Learning、Thinking、Tuo、Evaluate the six -step teaching method; "1" realizes the goal of "life -oriented" speculative classroom。

The second is precise implementation,Increased efficiency。Breakthrough 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitejump,Breakthrough jump,Update of teaching concepts is an important step in the classroom teaching revolution,Take the "one training" and "two -research" method,Guide to help front -line teachers deeply understand classroom reform,Let the teacher in the teaching reform exploration,Refine the teaching concept。"One training" refers to all teachers to actively participate in the training inside and outside the school,Research with training with training,Promoting training with research。The school forms a team of famous teachers,Take collective training+personal training+independent training,Arrange teaching experts at all levels、Excellent teachers participate in the theme training series,Guidance for learning Fa、Teaching Strategy、Xi Zuo Guide、Reading literacy training and other aspects for training,to create an advanced standard ruler、Tree Pioneer Image,A good atmosphere of the concentration of educating people。"Second Research" is the combination of normal teaching and research and theme teaching and research。The school 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitewill form a chain learning community of teachers at different stages of development,Forming seniors and generations、Mutual Assistance for Peers、The course training atmosphere of the course for the younger generation,Through "Pei -Research -Speaking -Comment -Wu -Exhibition" six processes,According to "Reading and Sharing -Topic Research -Class Examination -Exchange Research" Fourth Fourth Mission,Do real three -level teaching and research。Constructed the "125" school -based training mode,The theme of each discipline is based on "improving the effectiveness of the classroom",In -depth training textbooks,Research Curriculum,Student students,grinding teaching method,Discussion Learning。We are trying to "county training、Meet Monday —— normal training for the preparation group、There is an appointment on Wednesday -Teaching and Research Group Training "and" Exploring Large Unit Teaching and Research Course Applicability "large unit training and display activities,Make teachers study、Show、Learning、Self -learning in the 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteanalysis,Self -growth,From the center of teaching to the center of learning。Class change with core literacy,You need to return the classroom to students,From the "teaching" of the teacher to the student's "learning"。Classroom students "what to learn", "how to learn", and "Why do you learn" become a question for teachers' thinking and research。For this,The school proposed "Three Reflection"。Persist in reflection,Improve teachers' innovative consciousness、Professional level and teachers' meta -cognitive skills。

Third is condensed results,Empowerment help。Timely summarizing the training results,built a sub -school segment、Pre -study list of sub -disciplines、Teaching Design、After -school operation design、Experience Exchange、Projects and other layered classification resource results,In future teaching and research。Shallow,Those who are in the same force deep。Let the new curriculum standard、Realize teaching evaluation,Realize teaching evaluation,Let the teaching behavior visualized,Focus on the systemic and structuredness Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024of knowledge with problems,Use a solid step,Let the cultivation of core literacy cultivation effective classroom construction,Help the life growth of each student,To the end, we will be rich in incense。Chengcheng County Experimental School will use more advanced concepts,More pragmatic measures to promote the leap in the "quality" of classroom teaching。

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