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The "Four Force" of the Huizhou District Education and Sports Bureau continues to deepen the construction of Ping An Campus
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Huazhou District Education and Sports Bureau has always regarded campus safety management as the top priority of the education system,firmly establish the thinking bottom line of campus security and red line consciousness,Under construction mechanism、Make understanding、Strong management and other aspects have taken a series of effective measures,The first psychological health guidance center in the Weinan city area was established at Huazhou District Experimental School,Effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of campus bullying incidents,Created a safe and harmonious educating environment。

—— Continue to improve in a sound mechanism system,Consolidate the responsibility for the management of the safety campus construction。Best European Cup prediction Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024websiteThe District Education and Sports Bureau has always regarded the improvement of the system and mechanism as the point of force for the construction of Ping An campus,Compact work responsibility,Continuously promoting the quality and efficiency of the construction of Ping An campus。First, establish a sound responsibility system。Establish the principal as the first responsible person,Participants in the middle school cadres and teachers participate,The grid management system with class as the main body,Campus film,Responsibility to people,Make sure that every area of ​​the campus has fixed personnel duty supervision,Realize the full coverage of campus safety work、All staff participation and seamless docking。Second, the implementation of the work system is strong。Comprehensively promote the construction of the "three accounts" of the teaching system (Campus security contradictions and disputes、Question student assistance account、Control drop -guaranteed ledger),To achieve "three timely" (report the school and the Education and Sports Bureau in a timely manner、Timely notify the guardian、Timely rescue treatment)。Formulated and issued the "Plan for the Prevention and Governance of Primary and Middle School Students Campus Bullying Work Plan", "School to prevent campus bullying intervention、Check、Judgment Work Mechanism,Establish a report mailbox in each school、Announce the method of reporting on campus bullying reports,Carrying out the clue investigation activities that infringe on students' rights and interests,Continue to increase education and punishment,Calling the hidden dangers of campus in the bud state。Third, the cooperation of home school cooperation and win -win。Establish and improve the parent meeting system and home visits system,Established by the class teacher、Psychological teacher、Family Education What is the most accurate football prediction site Best European Cup prediction websitein Europe?backbone teacher、Legal workers、The "home school co -education" service team composed of parent representatives,Parents' performance of children in school、Psychological Health、Social activity abnormalities and other problems,Through parent meeting、Home Visit、Video Parents' Association and other forms expand communication and connection channels,Comprehensive eliminating the communication information of the communication information of the home school,Find a method of solving problems together,Effectively guarantee students' mental health and protection ability。

—— Continue to continue to increase campus propaganda and education,Enhance students' safety protection awareness。Always use students' safety education and publicity as the key point for the construction of Ping An campus,Safety publicity and education of practical students,Enhance students' awareness of rule of law and security protection。One is to solidly and effectively promote Taoist education。Regular Taoist Education activities,Organize behavioral standards for behavioral specifications such as "Code of Primary and Middle School Students" and "Specifications for Elementary and Middle School Students' Daily Behavior"; integrate the "Weihua Uprising" red resources,Create a red culture education with theme of the "Red Spiritual Spectrum",By developing red research、"Little Explaimer", "Red Scarf Story Club" and other theme activities,In traditional festivals、Important time node,Organize students to go to the Red Cultural Education Base "Weihua Uprising Memorial Hall" and "Northwest Marxist Premiere Place Exhibition Hall" and other places for practice research,Let students establish the correct values ​​and outlook on life。Second, there are chapters to strongly promote anti -bullying education。Normalization of anti -bullying education,Best European Cup prediction websiteAdopt a public Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024prosecution law department into the campus to carry out a series of preaching seminars for preventing bullying,School theme class meeting、Speech by the National Flash、Campus public account、Class group、Propaganda column to promote,and supplemented by actual cases,Strengthen students' in -depth understanding of vicious consequences of bullying incidents,Comprehensively understand the hazards of campus bullying,Cultivate students' consciousness and emergency response ability to anti -bullying; rule of law education into the brain。Strengthen the construction of the practice base of the rule of law education,Quickly promote the construction of campus rule of law,Strictly implement the working mechanism of the Vice President of the Law of the Law,Carry out a variety of forms of rule of law publicity and education activities,Improve student network security、Personal safety、property security、Traffic safety、Fire Safety、Food safety and other prevention consciousness。Third is to promote psychological health education for full -time professionalism。Established a Mental Health Guidance Center for Primary and Middle Schools in Huazhou District,Demonstration leadership through professional psychological teachers,Create a high -quality mental health teacher team with a part -time work and part -time job,Effectively solve learning for students、Life、Psychological problems in interpersonal relationships,Continuously improve their psychological quality and health level。

—— Continue for the construction of campus safety protection,Jianqiang Ping An Campus Protection Fortress。Always insist on the construction of human defense and defense technical defense as an effort point for improving the level of campus safety management,Accelerate the construction of a complete campus safety prevention and control Betting on Football Matches Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024at Euro 2024system,Digital empowering smart campus safety construction。The first is to continue to increase people's defense construction。Implement the school leadership duty system and holiday turn -on duty system,Implement safety responsibilities to people; establish a campus civilization supervision team,Supervisory various uncivilized behaviors on campus,Urges students to develop good habits,Discovery and deal with emergencies in time; strictly implement the "Protection of Studies" system,At the peak period of school,Arrange security personnel to pay close attention to students,and form a linkage mechanism with the surrounding traffic police,Ensure that the traffic order around the campus is smooth and the peak period of abortion。Students in students、During class and important periods such as the get out of class and night,Organization of politicians、Door security guards increase classroom、Toilet、Back Lane and other key places patrol the number of patrols,Preventing bullying incident inside and outside the school。The second is to continue to increase the strength of physical defense construction。Setting isolation bands at the entrance of various primary and secondary schools in the district、​​isolation pier、Anti -collision facility such as a reducer band,Equipped with riot helmets in the security room、Strong light flashlight、Safety steel fork、Protective Shield、Rubber sticks and other defense equipment; height for primary and secondary school walls in the region、Fire facilities、Flood control equipment and other regular inspections,Constantly improving safety prevention infrastructure。Third is to continue to increase technical defense construction。Fully build a campus safety monitoring system,At the school gate of the whole district、Classroom、Dormitory Building and other important areas Best European Cup prediction websiteInstall high -definition Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024cameras,Maximum guarantee monitoring does not leave dead ends,and arrange a special person to monitor and manage the monitoring screen in real time; purchase a batch of intelligent voice alarm systems,In the toilet、Dormitory and other hidden corners for installation,Collected to abuse、Beating、Expressive voice information such as call help,Instantly issue alert to the class teacher's mobile phone and security room,Discover abnormal situations and follow up in time。Comprehensively implement the "one -click alarm",Forming Public Security、School security dual -network docking,Through technical prevention and control means,It provides a strong guarantee for the safety of the personal property of teachers and students。

—— Continue for the comprehensive management of the surrounding environment of the campus,Create a safe and harmonious education environment。Always jointly jointly build the department as a breakthrough point for the construction of Ping An campus,Actively contact the Division of the Public Prosecution Law、Market Supervision、Urban Management and other functional departments,Purify the surrounding environment of the campus,Effectively eliminate various safety risks around the campus。First, the supervision of operating stores around the campus will be strengthened。Joint Market Supervision and other departments to strengthen daily supervision and inspections of food business units around the school,Understand the strict implementation of the "Protection Law of the People's Republic of China",It is not allowed to set up tobacco and alcohol outlets around the school and prohibit the regulations for selling tobacco and alcohol to minors,Increase the investigation of hidden dangers of food safety around the campus,Stare for children and student supplies around the campus,Resolutely crack down on illegal acts such as 2024 European Cup Football Official Website"counterfeit Best European Cup prediction websiteand inferiority" and "three non -" products。Second is the re -force around the campus environmental improvement。United Public Security、Urban Management and other departments to further increase the daily inspection and management strength of the cities around the campus,Stop chaos on vehicles around the campus、Random stalls、Freate the leaflets and other behaviors for standardized management; 200 meters around the campus store operation、Random stalls、Exfoliating illegal acts such as the promotional sheet page for standardized management; standardized management of food hygiene around the campus around the campus,Make sure students' food safety,Ping An and Harmony around the campus。Third is to induce students such as illegal and illegal acts and then check it strictly。The clues of illegal crimes involved in the discovery of students were reported to the Public Security Bureau in a timely manner,Actively cooperate with the public security system to produce toxic and harmful foods and provide minors、Sales that may cause serious harm to the illegal criminal behavior that harms the physical and mental health of minors,Resolutely fight against guiding and inducing students to engage in illegal and criminal activities。‍

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