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Huanglong County Education and Sports Bureau: Strengthen the sense of responsibility to build a safe campus
2024-06-26 10:52 Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024The official website of the Ministry of Education    (Click: )
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Campus security is an important guarantee for maintaining the normal education and teaching order of campus,is an important part of education and teaching。In recent years,Huanglong County Education and Sports Bureau has always firmly established "Life Safety First,Responsibility than Taishan "consciousness,Persist in putting safety work in the primary position,Implement safety in conventional management,Say safety in classroom teaching,Highlight safety in the focus of work,To be a long -awaited bell,Frequent grasp,Form the government、Department、School、Parents、The school's "five -in -one" security management network,Constructing a solid campus security barrier,Create 5 provincial Ping An Campus 5,14 city -level Ping An Campus,Municipal -level earthquake -proof disaster reduction demonstration school (park) 6。Huanglong County Education and Sports Bureau has been rated as a provincial -level security and stability 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteadvanced collective、Advanced units of city -level network security informatization、County -level "Seventh Five -Year Plan" advanced units。

Increase investment, improve the equipment strong protection

Tightly surrounds "Fine Management、Build a line of defense、Keep the bottom line、Working ideas for working together in Ping An Campus,Full of full -time part -time security guards 42,County finance lists 960,000 yuan a year to ensure the salary of 25 full -time security guards。On the original basis,Investment 2.84 million yuan,5 implementation of construction fire reconstruction projects,Add 452 pieces of fire equipment,Install the gas alarm 11 part,Reconstruction line 3635 meters,7 sets of new with security equipment、Video monitoring display 29 yuan、Video hard disk memory 55、39 video surveillance header,Campus One -button emergency alarm point 19 with Public Security Monitoring,Regularly maintain school safety video surveillance and dispatch center,Real -time data realization is shared with the provincial 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteand city platforms,Video increase storage time for more than 90 days,The school's "four 100%" construction level has been comprehensively improved。

Multiple measures, refine the responsibility to implement it

Improve campus safety management reminder mechanism,Formulate the "Notice on Doing a Good Affairs of Campus Safety Management", "Emergency Plan for Campus Safety Accidents" and 5 special plans,Strictly follow the "responsibility to people,Measures in place,Persevere to the end,Hutch to the truth ",Signing a target responsibility letter,Determine each security responsibility,Division of labor is responsible,Grabbing together。Fine grid management,To achieve "one job and two responsibilities",Forms horizontal to edge、The grid security management system of vertical to the end,Build a comprehensive campus safety protection network。According to seasonal characteristics,Key time period、Education focus, etc.,Met the time to issue the work key prompt、Best European Cup prediction websiteKey working week reminder,Guide the school to do a good job of campus safety management。Regularly organize teachers and students to watch "First Class"、Carry out safety drill activities such as safety fire and shock absorption、"Safety Education Day" theme education activity,Invite the Vice President of the rule of law to give lectures,Release "A Letter to Parents" from time to time、Holding activities such as safety painting competitions,Publicity and education through multiple channels,Effectively enhance the safety awareness of teachers and students,Improve self -defense ability。

Department linkage to strengthen supervision and promotion

United Wei Jian、Market Supervision、Public Security and other departments,Special inspection of campus safety and surrounding environment every semester; coordinate the traffic police department,Patrol during the student during school,Establish a "Protection Study",Guide students safely at the ride point,Effectively guarantee the safety of students to go to school。Strictly implement the system of 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteleading cadres bags,Leadership of Board Bags、The cadres of the included school adopt a regular inspection and irregular random inspection into the school's inclusive school to urge guidance school work,"Must be checked in the safety of entering the school,Meeting safety must be emphasized、Event safety must be thorough "。Clarify the principal's first responsible person for safety work,Each school holds a meeting of leadership once a week,Research and deployment of school safety management work。The leader of the supervisor conducts a comprehensive inspection once a week,Key check the safety of school buildings、Control knife and prohibited items。Class teacher to investigate the contradictions and disputes between students every week,Key check the campus bullying incident,Timely resolve rectification of the hidden safety hazards of existence,Make sure that safety management work is seamless、Zero dead ends。Establish a three -level security system for "School One Family Society",Fully Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024mobilize all aspects of force,Maintain safe、Stable、Harmonious campus environment。

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