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Huayin Education and Sports Bureau "Three Persistence" strengthens the construction of teachers and morality
2024-06-26 11:02 The official website of the Ministry of Education    (Click: )
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In recent years,Huayin Education and Sports Bureau always regards the construction of teachers' morality and style as the "first standard" for evaluating teachers,Take "Three Persistence" as the starting point,Focus on building a political strong、Feel deep、Thinking new、Vision wide、Self -discipline、Teacher Teacher with Personality,Efforts to create "horizontal collaboration、Vertical Links of Morality and Moral Strite Construction Works。
Adhere to the system first、Assessment is based on,Enhance the heart of the majority of teachers、The ideal belief of the country to report to the country。Huayin City Education and Sports Bureau established the party committee secretary、Director's Teacher Moral Strite Construction Leading Group,Clarifying the person in charge of the school as the first responsible person for the construction of the teacher's morality and moral style,Organizational teachers conduct an oath from teaching、Sign signed by the Division Moral Master's Book, etc.,Press the actual main body responsibility。The "Notice on Doing a Good Governance on Working Teachers and Public Officials on Education Systems", "Huayin City Primary and Secondary Schools have compensation classes What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?and teachers' illegal receipt of gifts and gifts for gifts" and other rules and regulations,Deployment of the construction of teachers and morality and work with business work、Same Implement、Examination、Same Assessment,Implementing the "one vote veto" system in the evaluation of the tree model,Strengthen the detailed assessment mechanism。

Persist in warning education、Director of the case,Cultivation of the teacher's words as a judge、The moral sentiment of the behavior of behavior。Regularly carry out the city's educational system teacher moral division concentration training,Organize the city's important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on promoting the spirit of educators,Watch the exhibition of the national outstanding 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteteacher deeds, etc.,Deeply feel the educational feelings of model teachers,Building a solid foundation for teaching and educating people。Normal development of a typical case warning education activity in the opposite side of the teacher's style,Speaking of the case、Promoting reform with the case,Education guides teachers to be aware of the awe、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line,Do feelings、A caring educator。

Adhere to commending rewards、Evaluate Tree Model,Cultivate teachers and teachings、Gan Yu's benevolent heart love。Use the opening work conference、Teacher's Day and other special time nodes,Teacher Moral Models emerging from the education system、Outstanding Teacher、Excellent educators and other pioneer models for commendation What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?and rewards,Enhance the sensation of teaching and educating people、A sense of honor、A sense of happiness and responsibility。At the same time, it is widely promoted to the society,Promote the deeds of respecting teachers and education,Improve teachers' political status、Occupational status、Occupational status,Further inspire teachers to learn from examples,Guide teachers to strengthen their ideals and beliefs、Treatment of moral sentiments、Costume solid knowledge、Diligence and benevolence,Establish "Bowing Equipment、The ambitions and ambitions of the strong country ",Persevere three feet podium,Concentrate to teach books and educate people。

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