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The "six measures" of the Education and Sports Bureau of Tongguan County Promote the development of urban and rural education integrated
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    In recent years,Tongguan County Education and Sports Bureau targets the people's satisfaction education,Optimized education layout,Improve school running conditions,Strengthen the construction of the teacher team,Improve the quality of education and teaching,Promoting the high -quality balanced development of compulsory education,Promoting the development of urban and rural education integrated development。
    1 is to eliminate the gap between urban and rural education。Optimize 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitethe allocation of educational resources,Coordinated the development of urban and rural compulsory education,Related measures to implement the "10 million projects" of rural revitalization,Improve the input mechanism,Strengthen the construction of small -scale schools and boarding schools in rural areas,Implementation of teaching talents to help groups to enable rural revitalization actions,Give full play to the demonstration、Lead、Radiation,Promote the overall level of rural education。
    Second, the implementation of the campus "cooling project"。Realize all schools in the county、All classroom equipment air conditioners,Provide students with a cool and comfortable learning environment,Make every student enjoy more high -quality educational resources and services。
    Third is to accelerate Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024the digital construction of campus。steadily promoting the "Digital Campus Popularization Action",Accelerate the process of smart campus construction and education digitalization,Integrate various educational resources,Implementing education and teaching、Management、Service、Evaluation and other aspects of informationization,Accelerate the digital transformation of education,Carry out teacher informationization training,Select and cultivate information backbone,Improve the informatization of teachers and students。
    Fourth is to improve the teacher training system。Increase the cultivation intensity,Effectively improve teachers' professional literacy and education and teaching ability。In -depth implementation of the new era of the new era of the famous Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024teacher and principal training plan、Strong Teacher Program,Explore "Three Teams", "Three Class Three Categories"、New path for the professional growth and development of backbone teachers、New pattern、New mode。
    Five is deepening the "three+" construction work。Give full play to the "Famous School+" education consortium、"Famous President+" Development Community、"Famous Teacher+" training community of the training community in deepening education and education reform,Give full play to the role of demonstration radiation,Leading teachers' professional development,Strengthen high -quality educational resource sharing,Strengthen inter -school exchanges and cooperation,Promote the balanced development of urban and rural education。
    Six is ​​to fully push the "county management Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024school employment"。Innovative teacher personnel management mechanism,Increase the strength of teachers' communication rotation,Further optimize the teacher team structure,Science of promoting the resources of urban and rural teachers、Reasonable flow,The optimal allocation of teachers,Stimulate the new vitality of the teacher team officer to start a business。
    Future,The Education and Sports Bureau of Tongguan County will be further scientific plan,Increase investment,Focus on connotation,Reduce gap,Fully promote the construction of urban and rural integration,Opportunity to create a county compulsory education high -quality balanced development county as an opportunity,Efforts to handle the people satisfied with the people of Tongguan。
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