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Tongguan County Education and Sports Bureau: "Non -Heritage" inheritance 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitepromotes new measures for "dual reduction" to help
2024-07-01 16:02 The official website of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education    (Click: )
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    The Education and Sports Bureau of Tongguan County takes the "Introduction of the" Non -Heritage Culture 'rich after -school service curriculum content "as a new measure,Give full play to the positive role of various schools at all levels in the county in the county in intangible cultural heritage,Digging and revitalizing the "non -heritage" cultural resources in the county area,Consolidate the results of "non -heritage culture into the campus",Enhance the protection of intangible cultural heritage、Inheritance consciousness,Promote the popularization and inheritance of the excellent culture of local ethics,Create a post -service brand with local historical and cultural heritage,Let the "non -heritage" culture shine in the protection and inheritance,Help the "double reduction" work go deeply。
    First, the combination of "non -heritage" culture What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?and school -based curriculum,Promote the popularization of outstanding local culture。Primary and secondary schools focus on promoting the work of "non -heritage" culture in the county and county area of ​​China,To inherit the Chinesewen pulse,Promoting Chinese excellent traditional culture as the main line,Focusing on the inheritance and spreading intangible cultural heritage of Tongguan,Follow the rules of students' cognition and education and teaching,According to integration、Sub -segment、The principle of orderly progress,Extensive "non -heritage" education popularization activities,By opening the "non -heritage" elective course、"Non -heritage" special courses、"Non -Heritage" Workstation (Room) and other methods,Integrate Chinese excellent traditional culture into ideological and moral education、Cultural Knowledge Education、Art and Sports Education、Social Practice Education All aspects,rich expansion campus culture,Let the excellent Best European Cup prediction websitetraditional culture education run through school education。
    Second, the combination of "non -heritage" culture and after -school service,Promote the improvement of characteristics of special education。Elementary and secondary schools make full use of after -school service time,Open the old cavity of the Yellow River、Gong Drum、Step on stilts、Paper -cutting and other "non -heritage" cultural after -school service items,Students who have the power to learn to expand learning space,and extensively carry out a variety of "non -heritage culture entering campus" series activities,Actively create deep cultural heritage、"Non -Heritage" inheritance characteristic schools with regional characteristics and characteristics of the times。Invite "non -heritage" representative inheritor or "non -heritage" related experts、Scholars enter the campus to carry out "non -heritage" special lectures,In -depth analysis of the historical context of the "non -heritage" project、Inheritance spectrum、Best European Cup prediction websiteCore skills, etc.,Enhance the understanding of "non -heritage"。Organize the Old Condition of Tongguan Yellow River、Tongguan Ancient Warship、South Street back core、Five Tiger Stepping on the stilts and other "non -heritage" performances,Let students experience the charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture on the spot,Enjoy the "non -heritage" audiovisual feast,Improve art appreciation。Each school continues to improve the quality of after -school service,Promoting after -school service is depth、There is a breadth、Have quality、Special connotation development,Realizing after -school service work has never had to choose a profound change in picking eyes,Realize the good ecological ecology of "one school, one product" and "one school multi -grade" in the after -school service work。
    Third, the combination of "non -heritage" culture and research practice,Expand rich comprehensive practice education。Primary and secondary schools make full use of "going out、Please come in "mechanism,Incorporate the popularity Best European Cup prediction websiteof "non -heritage" cultural education into research practice education content,Organize students to visit and learn and experience Wan Shengyuan Saver、Tongguan Meat Fuck、Duck Tablet Soup、Tongguan Catfish Soup and other traditional handicraft "non -heritage" projects with regional characteristics,Let students perceive "non -heritage" in practice,Understand "Non -Heritage"。Primary and secondary schools combined with actual,Organize students to go to the "non -heritage" hall、"Non -Heritage" inheritance Base、"Non -Heritage" experience base and other places to carry out the "non -heritage" experience tour、"Non -Heritage" research practice activities,Let students learn while traveling,During the field of research,Scene experience "non -heritage" project connotation and living environment,In -depth understanding of "non -heritage" culture。Each school should actively create protection、Inheritance and spread the strong atmosphere of "non -heritage" 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteculture,Rich campus cultural life,Continuously enhance cultural self -confidence,Promote the comprehensive development of students、Health growth。
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