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"Double Skill" Working News
2024-07-01 16:04 The official website of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education    (Click: )
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    On the fertile educational soil of the space base,"Double Subtitle" is solidly implemented in each classroom teaching in the comprehensive development of students、Every day after -class service、In every homework innovation ... How to play the role of the main Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024position of school education,Completion of the era of "burden reduction" and "increase efficiency",We walk into the aerospace education "double reduction" when we go to。
    1. Leaning Classroom Teaching is depth
    Aerial high -quality promotion of the "three classrooms" construction,Taking teaching and research reform as a breakthrough,With the comprehensive development of students as the core,Fully implement the new curriculum standard、New textbook concept,Students as the master of classroom teaching,Putting the discipline integration work as the force point of quality education,Through "Three Focus and Three Construction",Actively explore the implementation of the implementation of aerospace characteristics、heavy target、heavy process、Re -evaluated classroom teaching mode。
    One is to focus high efficiency,Build a high -quality classroom。Start the "Three Classrooms" collaborative education,Famous school teachers empower the ‘double reduction’ area training activities,Following the implementation and implementation of the new curriculum standards,Improve the quality of classroom teaching,Online cloud teaching and research activities have been viewed 52,000 people。
    The second is to focus on innovation,Build special courses。Actively break the discipline barrier,Construct a fusion、Inquiry Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024style、Project Innovation Course,Each school has designed "inherit & middot; new" and "1+N" flying course、"Starlight Beauty Class" and "Si Xiaohao Class" and other new courses。
    Third is to focus on multiple,Construction evaluation system。Guided by the "Guide to Education Quality Evaluation of Compulsory Education" as the guide,Combined with regional characteristics,A variety of three -dimensional evaluation systems such as "Red Scarf Display" and "Thinking of a Good A boy" with strong aerospace colors,Promote the comprehensive development of students。
    2. People with people as the after -class service have temperature
    Aerospace Base after school after -school service work insists on voluntary selection、Principles of scientific norms,Provide post -class delay custody services for compulsory education schools and needy students,Realize the "seamless" docking with parents' connection time。Current,Aerospace Base after class service participation in 95%,Carrying out 100%proportion of schools,The "two full coverage" of compulsory education schools in the district and after -school services in need of students in the district。
    One aspect,Do practical after -class service。Aerospace Base after -school service work is the mode of "operation counseling+characteristic courses",Service content What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?covers academic counseling courses、Quality Education Course,Tailoring the "One School, One Case" special course for students。Provide sports、Art、Technology、Humanities and other interest groups for students to choose from,Utilize the function department room、Special venues open martial arts、Painting、Basketball、Music、Dance、Faste and other colorful communities,Create a discipline competition course、Sports Specialty Course、Technology Innovation Course, etc.,Meet the diversified needs of different students,Enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of post -class service。
    On the other hand,Continuous optimization after -class service system。Implementation of after -school service school -based class,School formulates elective quality sets,Encourage students to hobbies based on personal interests,Free selection in the after -school service school elective quality package,and the grade unit,Organization、There is a plan to adopt the form of student walking,Implementation of after -school service school elective education,Greeting educating people,Make the service after class more temperature and characteristics。At the same time,The "Hangchai Cup" primary and secondary school sports meeting was successively carried out throughout 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitethe district、"Elementary and Middle School Art Exhibition"、Primary school student childlike labor skills contest、"Hanmo Love Painting and Calligraphy Contest" and other after -school service achievements shows a series of activities,Further promote the improvement of students' literacy。
    3, efficient and regulatory operation management has a system
    The Education Bureau,According to the operation management "total voltage、Control time、Tune structure、Quality of the Mass "overall requirements,Increase operation management into the school assessment and evaluation system,Guide teachers to strengthen the special teaching and research of work design。At the same time,Carry out the "Four Two Nights" supervision,Realize the full coverage of operational supervision、Full Notice。
    Each primary and secondary schools start from careful job design,Improve the efficiency of teaching and training,Let the operation reform integrate into each link of teaching work。School comprehensive coordination operation management,Deep excavation textbooks Optimize the design of various disciplines,From quality、Forms start with two aspects,Make every effort to reduce the quality and improve quality。Teachers pay attention to learning differences,Reasonable formulation Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024teaching plan、Teaching content,Set operations supermarket、Differential operation, etc.,Meet the needs of students at different levels。This is from easy to difficult、Moved -level operation,allowing each student to maximize their own growth。
    Fourth, coordinated promotion of "double reduction" landing
    The aerospace base gives full play to the role of the "double reduction" work coordination mechanism,Optimization of department linkage work mechanism,Continuously consolidate the effectiveness of the "double reduction" work。Achieve all off -school training institutions in the jurisdiction to reduce,Comprehensive classification management of non -disciplinary off -school training institutions。The jurisdiction maintains a high -pressure situation for illegal training for invisible mutation of discipline categories,Cumulative investigation and dealt with 28 invisible mutation illegal institutions; solidly carry out outdoor advertising governance of off -campus training institutions,Remove more than 40 billboards; post posters、Published a letter to parents and other methods to continuously strengthen policy propaganda,Guide parents to establish the correct educational concept,Guide out -of -school training institutions to do school in accordance with laws and regulations,Guide the society to participate 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteextensively in supervision。
    School is the center of education,It is the place where the real occurrence happens。"Double reduction" allows education to return to school,Let students learn to return to school。Aerospace Base Promoting the "Double Decrease" policy is implemented,Exploring the child's exploration and seeking knowledge、The time of healthy growth is returned to the child,Let education happen naturally,Lay a good foundation for the comprehensive development of students。
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