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Dali County: Deepen labor education to empower students' growth
Best European Cup prediction website2024-07-09 15:56 The official website of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education    (Click: )
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    In recent years,Dali County Education and Sports Bureau insists on implementing the fundamental task of Lide Shushu,Take labor education as an important starting point,Realize the five breeding and integrate integration。In the first half of 2024,Grasp the design of school labor courses、Classroom teaching reform、Excellent class examples Folved、Labor Society Development, etc.,Establish a labor education course promotion team,Do a good job of labor education for schools in the county。

Relying on the smart platform Greed the classroom path

    Normal development of the "Mailing Class" assistance activity,Solve insufficient teachers in rural schools,Can't open the course、Disadvantages、Poor and other dilemma,Implementing the "Internet+" environment,Internet assistance of across schools in the county、Teaching and Research Exchange and Teaching Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Interaction,Give full play to the group school、Famous teachers learn to lead the help function,Guarantee the balanced development of high -quality educational resources across schools in the county。Also successively studied in front、Red Mansion Education Group and Yunqi Education Group carried out labor live broadcast class,Realized more than 1,500 teachers and students online interaction in 15 rural schools in the county。

Carry out theme teaching and research Give play to the leading role   

    Carry out the theme of "cross -school education" theme in elementary and middle schools,Display through a public class、Lessons for lessons、Micro reporting and other forms,Use on -site observation、Live method,Demonstrate primary school、Junior High School and High School: 6 Public Lessons,3 games of micro report,Lead more than 300 teachers in the county to participate,Promoting the development of urban and rural teachers in the county area。
    Organize related school leaders、Teachers go to Xi'an Lao Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024International Port Education Bureau for "Labor Education Interdisciplinary Integration" teaching exchange learning activity,and 浐灞 10th Primary School、Eurasian Middle School teachers conduct labor education interdisciplinary classroom teaching seminars,Jointly explore the disciplinary objective target cultivation method。In the teaching seminar,Da Lixian Labor Education Workshop two key teachers carefully prepared by the labor education open class to be well received by the on -site observation staff。

Classroom competition Improve teaching level

    To grasp the orientation of educating people,Improve the teaching quality of labor education disciplines in primary and secondary schools,Printed "Notice on the Selection of Boutique Labor Education Course",The county's voluntary section school labor college、Part -time discipline teachers pass the school self -evaluation、Group selection recommendation、Method of the county -level Best European Cup prediction websitefinals,Select 11 sessions of labor education boutique examples,and show excellent courses as a county -level public class,The display of the boutique of labor education brings a guiding role to the classroom teaching of labor education teachers in the county,Under the condition of the shortage of full -time teachers,Each part -time teacher can learn from the courses from the boutique class,Master the teaching method,Control the classroom effect,Promote the role of labor and educating people。

Create relying on demonstration Implementing labor education courses

    Construction of the school curriculum system created by the declaration school、Labor practice activities, guide。Special supervision and guidance for the pilot project of the improvement of labor literacy evaluation of Anren Central Primary School,According to the actual situation of the school,Adjust the course system、Evaluation System,Guide the school with the help of the platform to sort out the evaluation Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024data,Prepare for the "Special Inspection of the New Era Education Evaluation Reform" for inspection,and urge the school to normalize the implementation of labor education courses、Practice、Association、Evaluation and other work。

R & D task guide Clear teaching direction

    Organizational backbone teacher team,According to the requirements of local conditions for labor,Discussion and formulation of the "Guide to Labor Education Target Mission",Guidelines from educating people、Course target、Activity Design、Construction of the field、Eight aspects such as implementation channels are proposed,and give the indicator requirements for the training of labor education literacy targets、Course settings content index requirements、Content indicators that conform to the characteristics of the semester and regional characteristics、Labor literacy evaluation method and standard requirements,List of County Science Popularization Base、Non -Heritage Culture List,Best European Cup prediction websitePromoting school science、Effectively implementing labor classroom、Practical activities、Quality Evaluation。

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