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Interpretation of the Work Specification of Student Student Students in Shaanxi Province
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    June 14, 2024,The Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education issued the "Student Standards for Student Student Student Students in Shaanxi Province" (hereinafter referred to as "Specifications"),Further regulates the work of students in secondary vocational schools,Promote the governance of schools in secondary vocational schools。The relevant comrades of the Provincial Department of Education interpreted the relevant situation of the "Specifications"。
    I. What is the background of the "Specification"?
    In recent years,Documents such as the promulgation What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?of the newly revised vocational education law and the "Implementation Plan for National Vocational Education Reform" and "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Construction of Modern Vocational Education System",Shaanxi Province seize the development opportunity of vocational education,In -depth promotion、High -level demonstration secondary vocational schools and demonstration majors,The rapid development of vocational education,The scale of students reached 301,400 (excluding students of technical colleges)。At the same time as the scale of running the school,Improve the quality of educating people into the main direction of current education development。Current,The work of secondary vocational students exists in the policy and system zero -scattered、Systemic is not strong, etc.,Urgently requires the provincial level to formulate standardized documents for student work,Strengthen the guidance of student education and management,Improve the level and quality of students' work in secondary vocational schools。For this,The Provincial Department of Education is summing up experience、On the basis of in -depth research,According to the Education Law、Vocational Education Law and relevant laws、Regulations and rules,Research formulated "Specifications"。
    2. What are the basic considerations to formulate and introduce the "Specifications"?
    The formulation and introduction of the "Specifications" are mainly based on three aspects:
    The first is to implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu。Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics,Deepen the 20th spirit of the party,Implementation of the Ministry of Education What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?"Opinions on Strengthening and Improve Moral Education Work in Middle Vocational Schools in the New Era",Guide the school to implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu,Adhere to students -based,Follow the rules of student growth,Build all members、Full process、New pattern of all -round education。
    Second is to meet the new needs of economic and social development。Based on the basic status of secondary vocational education,Fighting to cultivate high -quality technical skills,Guide secondary vocational schools to seize the core point of talent training,Further improve the student working mechanism,Improve students' work method,Improve students' work institutionalization、standardization、Scientific level,Guide students to strengthen self -improvement、Li Chengcai,Efforts to cultivate students into moral skills and cultivate、High -quality technical and skill talents of Zhiyou unity。
    Third is to reflect the new changes in secondary education and management。The reform of the construction of a modern vocational education system is continuously deepened,High -quality development、Govern the school according to law、Democratic management and other contents become school education、New connotation of management and service。"Specification" focuses on the focus of students' work、Difficult point、Hot issues,The system summarizes existing policies and grass -roots practice and transforms into rules and regulations,Flows to further regulate the work of students in vocational schools,Improve the school to rule the school in accordance with the law、Scientific management level。
    3 What are the main contents of "Specifications"?
    "Specifications" divided general rules、Student Work Organization and Management、Students' rights and obligations、Student Education、Student daily management、Student safety education and management、Student status and academic management、Student work file management、Attachment 9 Chapter。"General Principles" Determine the guiding ideology and overall requirements of the work of secondary vocational students,Emphasize the implementation of the fundamental tasks of Lide Shushu; "Organization and Management" clarify the school leader、functional departments、Class teacher、Teachers and student work responsibilities organized by the group,Emphasize the improvement of student work mechanisms、Optimize the student work team; "rights and obligations" highlight the relevant rights of students during school、Performing relevant obligations,Emphasize the safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of students; the "education and management" part improves students' ideological and political education、Psychological Health Education、Education of the rule of law、Safety Education、Home School Social Social Coordinated Education and other content,Strengthening daily behavior specifications,Improve the prevention of campus bullying、Student injury casualties and accident disposal mechanism,Improve student appeal treatment、Archive management requirements,Do a good job of student education for secondary vocational schools、Management and service guarantee provides a clear specific work basis; "Affiliated" puts forward clear requirements for the implementation of the "Specifications" in various places。
    4、"What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?Specification" What are the specific requirements for improving the student's work system and mechanism?
    "Specifications" emphasize that secondary vocational schools should establish a party organization secretary and principal for comprehensive responsibility,Leaders in charge of the school are responsible for,Student work function departments and Communist Youth League、Student Union and other organizations implemented,Security defense、Logistics services and other departments cooperate with implementation,Class teacher、Teachers and student class organizations organized specific student work system,Coordinated student education、Management and service work。At the same time,Emphasizing parents (guardians) must effectively fulfill the responsibility of family education.,Guide students to consciously develop good behavior specifications。"Specifications" also clearly proposed "Increase students' work funds into the school's annual funding budget、Including the topics related to student work in teaching and research plan ",Including the topics related to student work in teaching and research plan "。
    5、"Specification" What hot issues do the current students' work?
    1 is to propose the class teacher、Mental health teachers equipment and training requirements,Clear "each school is equipped with at least one part -time psychological health teacher",Accelerate the construction of the "Class Teacher Studio、Psychological Counseling Room ",Improve the class teacher's business literacy and ability to educate people,Focus on solving the weak work force of students、Professional failure and other problems。
    The second is to guide the school to actively 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitecoordinate the establishment of a police officer in the school in the police station、Equipped with Vice President of the Law of the Law,Implementing the dormitory of dormitory management personnel、Class teacher and other student managers enter the daily dormitory inspection system,Strengthening behavioral standards for development,Strengthening education and punishment deterrence,Efforts to solve the problem of a small number of students' behavior。
    Third is to emphasize "Guiding students to master 1-2 item skills"、Strengthen the role of "one training and three winds"、"Carry out labor education with internship training class as the main carrier"、Deepen Sports and Aesthetic Education、Cultivate students' professional spirit, etc.,Focus on guiding students to develop comprehensive development。
    Fourth, the school is required to set up a student bullying governance committee,Improve bullying prevention and control work system,Strengthen the resolution of contradictions and disputes, resolution, and hidden danger investigation and rectification,Carry out special education for preventing bullying and violence,Implementation classification and punishment,Preventing student bullying and violent incidents。
    6. How to grasp the implementation of the "Specifications"?
    1 is to strengthen publicity。"Specifications" will be implemented after 30 days from the date of promulgation。The school must organize teachers and students to learn and carry out publicity activities,Let all teachers and students and parents understand "Specifications"、Better "Specifications",Really give play to the "Specifications" to maintain school education and teaching Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024order、Standardize student behavior、Guarantee students' rights and interests、The role of promoting the comprehensive development of students。
    The second is organizational training。To facilitate the understanding of education administrative departments and schools at all levels,The Provincial Department of Education will organize the "Specification" training in a timely manner,Improve the consciousness and level of education management services at all levels and vocational schools to regulate education management services。
    Third is supervision and implementation。Education administrative departments of each city (district) must carefully perform their duties,Help、Guidance in the area where the regional vocational school is located is formulated in accordance with the "Specifications"、Revised the relevant system of student work in our school,Effective "Specification" is implemented,Improve the level of school running education。


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