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"Myopia Prevention Guide (2024 Edition)" releases full -effort to care for children's eyes
2024-06-27 09:23 The official website of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education    (Click: )
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    Myopia has become a major public health problem that affects the health of Chinese people, especially children and adolescents,。In order to further improve the standardization level of myopia prevention and control and diagnosis and treatment,Do a good job of preventing and controlling myopia for What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?children and adolescents,The National Health and Health Commission recently released the "Myopia Prevention Guide (2024 Edition)"。
    Children's adolescents myopia prevention and control is good,Strengthening the guidance of the public health level
    Shen Haiping, Deputy Director of the Maternal Department of the National Health and Health Commission, said,In recent years,The National Health and Health Commission vigorously promotes comprehensive prevention and control of What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?children and adolescents,Active progress: The coverage rate of eye health care and visual inspection of children 0-6 in the country reached 95.1%; in 2022, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents、6 -year -old children's myopia rates reached 51.9%, respectively、12.7%,Compared with 2018, 1.7 and 1.8 percentage points are decreased respectively,Show to a good situation。At the same time,Children's adolescent myopia prevention and control work is still far away。
    Leader of the National Guidance Team of National Blind Prostitution、Wang Ningli, Director of the Ophthalmology Center of Beijing Tongren Hospital,In June 2018, the National Health and Health Commission released the "Iopia Prevention Guide"。With the progress of myopia at home and abroad,The continuous development of myopia prevention technology and measures。The National Health and Health Commission led the organization of the national blind technical guidance group to revise the "Iopia Prevention Guide",formed "Myopia Prevention Guide (2024 Edition)"。
    Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Wang Ningli said,Myopia must attach importance to prevention and control,Also pay attention,This guide covers these two measures。During the process of carrying out myopia prevention services,Medical institutions at all levels must strictly abide by the relevant diagnosis and treatment guidelines、Technical operation specifications、Clinical Path、Pharmaceutical Manual, etc.,Make sure medical quality and safety。
    This guide is close to the prevention and control of myopia、myopia development period、High close time、Pathological close -up period,Guidance recommendations for myopia prevention and control measures for different stages。Why should I increase the staging of myopia prevention and control strategy at the public health level? Wang Ningli Explanation,Classification of myopia in clinical diagnosis and treatment,Can't guide the prevention and control of myopia at the public health level。Increase the level of public health level,It can be targeted at the targeted prevention and control measures and technologies to people in different refractive states,So as to guide the prevention and control work more accurately。
    The pass is moved forward to ensure the amount of outdoor activity
    When the child was born,The eyeball is very small,The axis is very short,At this time, the eyes are in a physiological hyperopia state,It has a certain degree of end of the vision,​​Known as a reserved reserve amount。
    Introduction of Wang Ningli,The reducing reserves Best European Cup prediction websitecorresponding to age are the best prediction indicators that occur in myopia。If children and adolescents are too premature、Too much close -up with eye,It will cause the reserved reserves to be lower than the standard range corresponding to its age,If the reserved reserves in the first grade of elementary school have been consumed,It is easily developed into myopia at the elementary school。To protect children's hyperopia reserves,Should move myopia prevention and control to preschool children。
    Shen Haiping said,The National Health and Health Commission promotes myopia preventive passage,Specifications for eye health care and visual inspection service,At the age of 24、366th and 4-6 years old carried out refractive screening,Check the child's hyperopia reserves。"If the detection finds that the child's hyperopia reserves are not enough,We will prompt parents to guide their children to build a good eye habit,Strengthen physical exercise,Frequent outdoor activities,Close to nature。”
    Wang Ningli thinks,Outdoor activities can effectively prevent and control children and adolescents myopia,First of all, the amount of time for outdoor activities,Daily outdoor activities are not less than 2 hours。Not only do you have to do more outdoor activities in schools,After school and weekend,Parents or guardians must also actively take their children to outdoor activities。
    my country incorporates myopia prevention and control of children and adolescents into the "Betting on Football Matches at Euro 202414th Five -Year Plan" national health planning and Chinese children's development outline。The National Health and Health Commission and multiple departments carry out the evaluation and assessment of prevention and control work,Promote the establishment of the government in various places、Department Cooperation Work Mechanism,Promote school、Home、Medical and health institutions and the whole society jointly act。Encourage medical institutions and schools to establish a collaborative mechanism,Provide health education for elementary and middle school students、Quick screening、Visual inspection and standardized correction service。Increase popular science publicity,Key publicity and prevention from myopia must start from early early、Develop a good eye habit、Dimensions of Age Bands Limited Video Electronic Products Use、Persist in scientific knowledge such as eye health exercises every day,Instruct parents to do a good job of children's myopia prevention from childhood。
    "We will focus on promoting the prevention and control mark forward,Focus on the implementation of eye health care and visual inspection services of children aged 0-6,Grasp the morning,Strengthen popular science propaganda,Make every effort to care for the eyes of the children。”Shen Haiping said。
Avoid the rapid increase of myopia,Preventing high myopia -related eye disease
    Wang Ningli said,Effective intervention measures for What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?children and adolescents,Avoiding the degree of myopia excessive growth 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteis very important。Therefore,This guide further clarified the correction and control measures of myopia,Strengthen the medical and health institutions、Guidance of professional and technical personnel of myopia prevention and control。
    What needs to be noted is,Myopia correction surgery is to change the refractiveness of the eye through surgery,The bottom structure of patients with myopia after surgery has not changed。Especially patients with high myopia,Due to the stretch of the eye shaft,Most accompanied by the fundus lesions,The rational changes of these eye underground pathology still exist,Iopia does not fundamentally cure。Therefore,Pay attention to eye hygiene after surgery,Patients with myopia with fundus lesions,still need to be checked regularly。In addition,Equipment such as corneal shaping mirrors and multi -focus soft mirrors and low -concentration Atto eye drops,All are just measures to control the progress of myopia,Can not fundamentally cure myopia after use。
    Wang Ningli Reminder,Due to the fundus lesions,High myopia easy progress is pathological myopia,Then it can lead to a variety of eye complications。Pathological myopia related eye lesions have become one of the main causes of irreversible blind eye diseases in my country,The eye complications caused by it include post -scraped grape swelling、Peripheral retinal vascular abnormalities、Matsyt atrophy、What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?Pole source retinal disconnection of eye diseases,glaucoma、Cataract、The risk of eye diseases such as strabismus also increases significantly。Therefore,High myopia patients while protecting their vision,It should also prevent and control related eye complications,Reduce the risk of disability and blindness。
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