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Improve the Degree Legal System to ensure the high -quality development of the degree work —— Office of the Degree Committee of the State Council、The person in charge of the Policies and Regulations Department of the Ministry of Education responded to the reporter's question on the "Degree Law of the People's Republic of China"
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    April 26, 2024,The Ninth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fourteenth National People's Congress voted through the "Degree Law of the People's Republic of China",Starting from January 1, 2025。Office of the Degree Committee of the State Council、The person in charge of the Policies and Regulations of the Ministry of Education answered questions from reporters on the "Degree Law of the People's Republic of China"。
1. Please introduce the background and process of the Degree Law。
Answer: Party Central Committee、The State Council attaches great importance to degree work and high -level talent training。The 20th National Congress of the Party,Accelerate the construction of a strong country for education、Science and Technology Power、Talent strong country,Comprehensively improve the quality of talent cultivation,Strengthen basic discipline、Emerging Discipline、Cross -disciplinary Construction,Accelerate the construction of Chinese characteristics、World -class universities and advantageous disciplines。May 29, 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes when he is collectively studying at the Political Bureau of the Central Committee,To speed up the construction of Chinese characteristics、World -class universities and superior disciplines as the top priority,Requirements to continuously improve the original innovation ability and talent training quality。1980,The 13th Session of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress passed the "Degree Regulations of the People's Republic of China"。Degree Regulations as the first education law in my country,Established 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitemy country's degree system,Open the process of education and rule of law,In promoting high -level talent training、Play an important role in promoting higher education and economic and social development。As my country enters the new development stage,Degree Regulations can no longer meet practical needs,Need to modify and improve。2018,The Legislative Planning of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress includes the degree regulations (modified) in the legislative plan。The Ministry of Education is investigating and arguing、Based on the extensive solicitation of opinions,Drafted to form the "Draft Draft Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft for Review)",In November 2021, the State Council was requested to review。June 2023,The 8th Executive Meeting of the State Council discussed and passed the draft in principle,In July 2023, the National People's Congress Standing Committee was requested to review。Since then,The Ministry of Education actively cooperates with the National People's Congress Constitution and Legal Committee、National People's Congress Education and Culture and Health Committee、Law and Industry Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress carried out degree law legislative research、Modification and improvement of comments and drafts。August 2023、April 2024,The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress conducted two reviews on the draft of the degree law。April 26, 2024,The ninth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress passed the voting,On the same day,President Xi Jinping signed the chairman order,Announced the "Donesty Law of the People's Republic of China"。
2. What are the fundamental requirements and basic principles of degree work?
Answer: Article 3 of the Degree Law,Degree work Insist on the leadership of the Communist Party of China,Comprehensively implement the national education policy,Practice the core values ​​of socialism,Implementing the fundamental task of Lide Shushu。This is the degree work always maintains the right direction,Implementation as a party education、The fundamental guarantee required for national education。Article 3 also stipulates that the degree work shall follow the law of education,Adhere to fairness、Justice、Public,Adhere to the principle of unity of academic freedom and academic norms。
3. What is the degree work system?
Answer: The degree method establishes a degree work system with Chinese characteristics。First, to clarify the national degree work of the State Council's Degree Committee,The Education Administrative Department of the State Council is responsible for the work of national degree management,The former set up an office in the latter。The second is to clarify the State Council and provincial Best European Cup prediction websitelayered management,Each province、Autonomous Region、Establish a provincial degree committee,Under the guidance of the Degree Committee of the State Council,Lead the degree work of the administrative region,Provincial Education Administrative Department is responsible for work related to the administrative regional degree management。Third, the combination of autonomous management of administrative management and degree awarding unit。In the State Council's Degree Committee、Provincial Degree Committee and Education Administrative Department of the State Council、Provincial Education Administrative Department's degree management,Requires the degree award unit to set up a degree assessment committee,Responsible for the degree -related matters of the unit。
4. What conditions do you need to qualify for degree award、What procedures are fulfilled?
Answer: Chapter 3 of the Degree Law stipulates the approval system for degree awarding qualifications。First, the subject of the application clearly。College of colleges and universities can apply for a bachelor's、Master、Democratic degree qualification,Scientific research institutions can apply for a master's degree、Democratic degree qualification。Second is the condition for clearing the application,Article 12 stipulates the conditions for applying for a degree granting,At the same time, authorize the State Council's Degree Committee、The Provincial Degrees Committee makes specific regulations on conditions。Third, the subject and procedure of clear approval,Bachelor's degree qualification is approved by the provincial degree committee,Report to the Degree Committee of the State Council for the record; the qualification of a master's degree is qualified by the provincial degree committee for review,Report to the Degree Committee of the State Council for approval; PhD degree granting qualifications by the Education Administration of the State Council will be reviewed by the State Council,Report to the Degree Committee of the State Council for approval。Fourth, expand the autonomy of the degree awarding unit,Fighting the results of simplified administration and decentralization in practice,Clearly qualified degree awarding unit with the approved by the State Council's degree committee can independently carry out a master's degree、Doctoral degree awarding point review。In addition,Degree Law Clarifying the State Council's Degree Committee can be in accordance with major national needs and economic development、Technology Innovation、Cultural heritage、Maintain the health needs of the people's lives,Settings of the relevant degree awarding point、Layout and degree awarding separate stipulated conditions and procedures,Strengthen the layout of the state at the point of granting of the degree and strengthen the basic discipline、Emerging Best European Cup prediction websiteDiscipline、Coordinated role in the construction of cross disciplines。
5. How is the degree law granting conditions?
Answer: The degree law further improves the degree award condition。1 is to specify basic requirements。Clarified that the degree applicant should support the leadership of the Communist Party of China,Support the socialist system,Follow the Constitution and Law,Observe academic ethics and academic norms,Emphasize that the corresponding academic requirements should be met、Academic level or professional level。The second is to highlight the classification。According to bachelor、Master、Dr. three levels of the three levels are clearly granted conditions; according to academic degrees、Two types of professional degrees, respectively stipulate the degree awarding conditions,Further reflect the differences and characteristics of the two types of degrees,Among them, academic degree prominent academic research ability,Professional degree prominent professional practical ability。Third is to encourage characteristic development。Considering the type of units in my country、layer、The level of school running and characteristics is different,The degree method is at the same time as the prescribed degree awarding conditions,Given degree awarding units more school autonomy and academic autonomy,Requires the degree awarding unit in accordance with the law,Combined with the academic evaluation criteria of the unit,Formulate specific standards for degree award with the characteristics of the unit。Develop degree awarding specific standards,Depending on the conditions stipulated in this Law,Adhere to the scientific evaluation orientation,Fully listen to the opinions of the relevant aspects,After performing the internal decision -making procedure of the degree awarding the unit,Public release implementation。In addition,The degree law stipulates that the degree awarding unit for an overseas individual who apply for degree,Academic requirements stipulated in this Law、Academic level or professional level conditions and related procedures award the corresponding degree。
6. How to understand the "degree in academic degree stipulated by the degree law、Professional degree and other types ",How to classify academic degrees and professional degrees、Classification Evaluation?
Answer: To meet the needs of various types of talents in economic and social development,The degree method is clear "Division is divided into academic degree、Professional degree and other types ",This is a major breakthrough in this legislation,It is the top -level design that accelerates the cultivation of diversified high -level talents,It is also a summary of the experience of exploring more than 30 years of professional degree graduate Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024education practice。What you want to point out is,Article 2 of the Degree Law stipulates that the degree type is specifically written "equal type",This has left institutional space for the establishment of other degree types in practice。
2023,The Ministry of Education issued the "Opinions on the Development of the Development of Education and Development of Academic Degree and Professional Degree Graduate Education",Point out that two types of equal status、The same important,All are important ways to train high -level innovative talents,and further strengthen the positioning、Standard、Admissions、Training、Evaluation、Differential requirements of teachers and other links。Next step,The requirements of the degree law will be implemented,Persevere problem -oriented、Respect law、Overall Promotion、mechanism innovation,Education with science and education、The integration of production and education as the direction,Pay attention to the transformation and upgrading of the cultivation process of existing talents,Strengthen the full chain、Connect of reform measures in various links,Enhance the talent training chain、The matching degree of the work management chain,The systemicity of enhanced reforms、operability、effectiveness、Long Effects,Promoting the training unit to realize the change of internal institutional mechanism。
7. How is the degree law stipulated the quality of the guarantee degree granting?
Answer: The degree law clearly proposes "guarantee the quality of the degree",and set up special chapters to make detailed regulations,Comprehensively build a degree quality assurance system。1 is to highlight self -management,Emphasize the responsibility of the quality assurance of the degree awarding unit,Requirement of the degree awarding unit shall establish the unit's degree quality guarantee system,Strengthen enrollment、Training、Donestyling and other full -process quality management,Timely public information,Accept social supervision,Guarantee the quality of the grant degree。Second is to strengthen external supervision,It is stipulated that the Education Administrative Department of the State Council and the Provincial Degree Committee shall regularly organize experts to conduct quality assessment of the approved degree awarding units and degree awarding points。Third, strengthen the construction of the mentor team,Requires the degree awarding unit for graduate students is good、Teachers with a higher academic level or strong practical ability、Scientific researchers or professionals serve as instructor,Establish selection、Assessment、Supervision and dynamic adjustment mechanism; at the same time, doctoral students should work hard to study and practice,Carefully prepare degree papers Best European Cup prediction websiteor practical results,Make sure to meet academic norms and innovative requirements。Fourth, clarify legal responsibility。Regulations for the quality of the degree that cannot be guaranteed,Ordered rectification within a time limit; if the circumstances are serious,,Revisit the corresponding degree grant qualification; degree applicant、Degree winners have academic misconduct and other circumstances,Decision on Degree Evaluation Committee,No degree or cancellation degree。
8. How to deal with degree disputes in accordance with the law,The legitimate rights and interests of the degree applicant and degree winner?
Answer: The legislative purpose of the degree law insists on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant's legitimate rights and interests,Improve the solution and procedure requirements of disputes for degree award。For example,Stipulate that the degree awarding unit plans to give a degree or cancel the degree decision,The content and facts of the decision should be informed、Reasons、Based on and listened to statements and defense; degree applicants have objections to the conclusion of academic evaluation,You can apply for academic review;、If you do not grant your degree or cancel your degree,,You can apply for a review,or request relevant agencies to deal with it in accordance with the law。
The degree awarding unit shall implement the degree law,Process degree dispute according to law。One aspect,To strengthen the construction of the review system in the school,Let it truly protect the rights and interests、The role of resolving contradictions。The degree awarding unit shall refine the degree awarding conditions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Degree Law、Standard、Program、Academic Review、Degree review and other relevant institutional mechanisms,Ensure that the system is fair、Justice,and disclose to teachers and students。On the other hand,Disputes in accordance with laws and regulations。Disposal disputes,It is necessary to deal with strict requirements in accordance with the requirements of the law and the requirements of the school rules and regulations.,The school's appeal committee should absorb representatives of off -school experts to participate,Make sure independent、Disputes of fair handling,To make the facts clear、Program proper、Handling fair、Smooth relief,Promoting the substantive resolution of the degree dispute。
9. What are the measures to promote the implementation of the degree law?
Answer: The degree law is a major achievement in the new era of degree work and the construction of the rule of law in the rule of law。Implement the degree law,It is an important basis for the high -quality development of degree work on the track of the rule of law,It is also a powerful support for the modernization of the education governance system and governance What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?capabilities。The degree method will be implemented from January 1, 2025,Units of various degrees of degree in various places,One must fully understand the significance of the degree law,The spirit of the Degree Law of the Degree of the List of List,Accurately grasp the laws and regulations,Clarify the management requirements of the degree work; second, we must comprehensively clean up existing relevant regulations before the law is implemented、Regulations and policy documents,Anyone which is inconsistent with the Degree Law,The revision should be started according to the program and permissions,Modify or abolish in time; Third,According to the provisions of the degree law,Planning、There are steps、Focus on formulating or promoting the formulation of supporting policies。Ministry of Education、The Degree Committee of the State Council will print the notice of learning, propaganda, implementation of the degree law、Organize the revision of relevant policy documents、Release of degree legal term interpretation、Organize the implementation of the degree law to implement relevant training and other methods,Continue to promote the study, propaganda, implementation of the law。After the degree method is officially implemented,All degrees awarding units in various places shall strictly follow the relevant provisions of the Degree Law,Carry out degree -related work in accordance with the law,Promote the effectiveness of improvement of talent training with the effectiveness of laws and implementation、Promoting innovation development,Construction of Education Powerful Power、Science and Technology Power、Talent strong country,Services to comprehensively build a socialist modernization country。
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