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Xi'an Jiaotong University Urban College Multiple measures and carry out solid work to promote employment special work
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    Xi'an Jiaotong University Best European Cup prediction websiteUrban College fully implements the "one handicraft project" of employment work,Focus on key points、Gathering Power,Strengthen employment priority policy,Continuously optimize employment guidance service,Deeper excavation of job resources,Activate students' internal driving force,Multi -measures and promote high -quality employment in 2024 graduates。
    Special Class,Promote the employment atmosphere。The hospital fully implements the employment work "one handmade project",Holding a party committee many times、Employment Work Promotion Association and other special research employment work,and the leaders of the hospital、Director of the Student Work Office、Director of the Student Work Office、Professional leader、Class teacher and graduation class counselor set up employment work special classes,division of labor collaboration、Group strategies、All members participate,Real -time sharing employment information and highly recommend,Create a good atmosphere for all employees to promote employment。
    —— Strengthen linkage,Implementing action plan。The hospital coordinates What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?the resources of all parties,Forms a working mechanism for the whole member linkage,Documents such as the "Xi'an Jiaotong University Urban College 2024 Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship Work Plan" and "Measures for Employment Work in Xi'an Jiaotong University City College" and other documents。As of now,College holds more than 10 games in the 2024 graduate employment work promotion meeting,More than 60 sessions for employment work in each secondary college,All -in -one、Multi -dimensional research judgment employment situation、Discuss the specific plan; carry out more than 10 theme education activities of "Employment and Education"; 7 "Employment Salon" theme workshops; "University Student Professional Planning Competition" 1 game,Guide students to establish the correct career planning concept and employment concept,Promoting employment work steadily and orderly development。

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   Multi -measure,Improve employment quality。The hospital tries everything to expand employment,Active attack,Based on the main position of the campus job fair,Hold a large -scale campus job fair、Special Publicity Meeting、Alumni Enterprise Special Recruitment Fair and "Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024Employment Promotion Week" series of activities,Use online recruitment platform,Hold a large -scale network job fair,The holding of online and offline same frequency recruitment activities to build a bridge for graduates to communicate with employers。The hospital formulates an employment work evaluation system in the hospital,Comprehensively evaluate the employment work of all secondary colleges,Analysis of length and shortcomings,Put forward improvement measures。At the same time,Actively connect with government departments、Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau,Establish a wide and stable school politics cooperation relationship,Provide graduates with rich and diverse job information and employment guidance。The hospital has established an employment and entrepreneurial service station with the Xi'an Economic Development Zone Social Business Service Bureau。To increase the job search for graduates,Provide more convenient、More effective service,The hospital opened the "Employment Express" service this year,Sending to Brothers College or Human Resources Specialty Recruitment Fair,Guaranteed departure What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?frequency,For the 2024 graduates, a total of 18 times "employment through traffic",The number of participating students reached 1830。
      — Deepen cooperation,Greed employment selection。The hospital is constantly excavating high -quality employment resources,Establish a key employer database,Multi -line cooperation、Point -to -face binding,Promote the in -depth exchanges of schools and enterprises; create a pattern of employment work,Carry out the special action of "visiting enterprises" to promote employment,Member of the Leadership Team of the College、The main person in charge of the secondary college and the student work office actively entered the enterprise,A discussion of face -to -face communication with employers,Actively establish a "internship+employment" base、"Talent Direct Training" base、"Order Class", etc.,Promote the implementation of school -enterprise cooperation。

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    — Precise assistance,To solve employment distress。Assistance with classification,Refined students' employment problems,Do a good job of full -process employment service,Including students of family economic difficulties、Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Ethnic minorities students、Disabled students and other special groups,Relying on subject advantages,Graduation Counselor Correction and update student employment intentions,"One -to -one" assistance scheme for personalized employment assistance,Do a good job of psychological guidance,Timely answering questions and confusion and priority to recommend positions,To ensure that students get full support during employment,Fighting employment difficulties Graduate employment tackling battle。

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    —— Strengthen guidance,Improve job search skills。The college strengthens students' employment education and guidance,With employment guidance courses、Occupational planning lecture、Provide "one -to -one" consultation and other methods,Help graduates improve job search skills,Clear career positioning,Establish the correct view of employment; regularly publish employment recruitment information through the "one stop, one micro -group" online platform、Employment market dynamics、Employment policy interpretation and other content,Provide precise navigation for graduates' job search decisions; Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024actively publicize and employment typical,Carry out "Employment Star" selection activity,Give full play to the help of the students,Establish an example of employment around you,Further enhanced the employment confidence of graduates of the hospital。

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