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Shaanxi Provincial Private Schools 2024 Admissions Chapter and Advertising Records Regulations are here
2024-07-02 16:50 Shaanxi Provincial Education Department    (Click: )
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Education Bureau of District and Municipal Education,Yang Ling Demonstration District Education Bureau,Hancheng Education Bureau,Shenmu City、Fugu County Education and Sports Bureau,Various private universities、Independent College,Provincial private non -academic Websites for Football Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Betting on Euro 2024higher education institutions:

    To further regulate the publicity of private school enrollment,Optimize the enrollment environment,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of private schools and the majority of students,According to the "Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China",Now do a good job in private schools in the 2024 enrollment chapter and advertising filing work notice as follows。
    1. Scope of the filing
    In the province 2024, private universities with enrollment qualifications、Independent College、Provincial private non -academic higher education institutions (hereinafter collectively referred to as "provincial private schools");。
    2. Record content
    Admissions and advertisements released by the provincial private schools should include the overall situation of the school、Admissions、Charges、Certificate category and issuance methods,and meet relevant regulations。Private schools under the jurisdiction of the education administrative department of various places refer to the content of the case for preparation for the provincial private school。
    (1) The overall situation
    Including the competent department、School name、School License Certificate Number、School address、Type of school、School content、School conditions、Teachers' power、Employment level is equal content that reflects the overall situation of the school。
   (2) Enrollment
    1. The 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiterecruitment category should be clearly divided into ordinary unified recruitment and non -Putong unified recruitment。Where,Non -Putong unified enrollment needs to be clear about adult higher education、Higher Education Self -Study Examinations and other non -academic higher education training。
    2. The learning form should be clearly divided into full -time and non -full -time。Where,Non -full -daily learning forms need to be clear for amateur、correspondence, etc.。
    3. Schools should formulate general unified recruitment and non -Putong recruitment enrollment and advertisements,Clear admissions major、Number of admissions、Open Course、Learning period、Admissions object、Admissions range、Admissions category、Student system and learning form, etc.。
   (3) Charges
    The tuition fees for the school to record in the price department and publicize on the school's official website、Accommodation fee and other charging standards。
   (4) Certificate category and issuance methods
    1. When the school enrolls ordinary re -enrollment students,22797_22821,After the study period,,Failure for results,,According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education,Graduation certificate and degree certificate issued by the admission college。
    2. When the school recruits adult higher education students,To explain to the students who need to pass the exam,Uniform admission through Best European Cup prediction websitethe national admissions Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024department,After the study period,,Failure for results,,According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education,The adult college issues an adult higher education graduation certificate and degree certificate。
    3. When the school enrolls students with higher education self -study examinations for students,To students explain to students, they need to pass the Self -study Examination of Higher Education in Shaanxi Province,Complete all courses stipulated by the professional plan,,The graduation certificate and degree certificate of higher education self -study examinations for higher education self -study examinations for higher education self -study examination committees。
    3, related requirements
   (1) School enrollment and advertisements should be objective、True、Accurate
    1. School name、School address、Type of school、The content of the school should be consistent with the school's license,Do not tampered with;、Admissions Shopping Chapter、Advertising、Carved plaque、Publication (broadcast) Mailing media advertisement shall not use abbreviations,Do not remove the "Specialty in the name of the school、Training、Occupation "and other words; shall not promote unblocked joint school、Chinese and foreign cooperative school running activities。The school must take the school license number、Unified social credit code、The school code is uniformly printed on the right in the upper right corner of the enrollment What is the most accurate football prediction site Best European Cup prediction websitein Europe?and advertising homepage。
    2. School related school conditions、Teaching facilities and equipment、The pictures of teaching activities should be adopted by realistic photos of teachers and students of our school and the school,Do not use computer synthesis pictures。If there are personal portrait pictures,Must be authorized by me。The award -winning project of the school must indicate the award time and the name of the selection unit。
    3. Do not use "biggest", "best", "first", "100 % test pass rate", "signing employment agreement", "100 % employment rate", "high salary employment,One step in place "and other words to mislead students、Parents。No school running conditions for school、Teachers and employment prospects to do false、Exaggerated publicity。
    4. The tuition charged by the school to the educated person、Accommodation fee standard,It must be executed to the society in accordance with regulations,It needs to be reported in the price department,It must be consistent with the record standard。
   (2) Schools must strictly enrollment and advertising management
    Provincial private schools must strengthen the management of enrollment and advertising,Clear production、Audit、Release process,Consolidate work responsibilities,Strengthen the content of the content of the school to publish the recruitment chapter and advertisement,Ensure that the enrollment seal and advertising content posted 2024 European Cup Football Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024Official Websiteon various types of carriers and advertisements are consistent with the record in the Provincial Department of Education,You must not change at will。
   (3) Schools should be submitted in time and regulate the filing materials
    Provincial private schools shall submit the filing materials based on formal documents (enrollment and advertisements as attachments),School Admissions Propaganda content contains video short movies,Submit a video CD (one form one)。Recruit adult higher education、Higher Education Self -Study Examinations and other non -Putong -Tong -Tong enrollment schools,It is also necessary to provide a certificate of enrollment qualifications for review or filing of the Provincial Department of Education;,It is necessary to provide approval documents for the Provincial Department of Education。Please report the filing materials and paper version (two copies) and the electronic version before July 3, 2024, report to the Extra -Education Training Supervision Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Education Department (private education department)。
   (4) Education administrative departments in various places must do a good job of filing
    Education administrative departments in various places must attach great importance to the enrollment seal and advertising filing of private schools,According to the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China National Office Education Promotion Law",Refer to the method of the Provincial Department Best European Cup prediction 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitewebsiteof Education,Do a good job of enrollment and advertising filing of private schools under the jurisdiction。
    The Provincial Department of Education will strengthen supervision after the incident,During the enrollment period, the provincial private school will be on the Internet、Paper Media、Propaganda advertisements released on media such as radio and television for supervision and inspection,Pay false ads、Recruitment management chaos、Schools that cause bad social impact,It will be seriously investigated and dealt with with relevant departments。
    Contact and telephone:
    He Qinrong  Wenjinhua (Room 1016)   029-88668970
    Anhang  Wang HC (Room 1014)   029-88668832


Office of the Department of Education of Shaanxi Province

June 21, 2024

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