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Faculty of Xi'an Foreign Affairs College Tian Youran won the "Chinese Bridge" Global Foreigner Chinese "Story Club" final "Excellent Literary Care Award"
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June 21,The Ministry of Education Chinese and Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024Foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center hosted the "Chinese Bridge" Global Foreigner Chinese Conference Final and Awards Ceremony。Yoran Deprez, an international student at Xi'an Foreign Affairs College, won the "Excellent Art Credit Award"。

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"Story Club" is an important sub -item of the "Chinese Bridge" Global Foreigner Chinese Conference,Players are mainly TED、talk show、Scenario interpretation and other forms,Free interpretation and telling your own story。This project lasted 4 months,Including preliminaries、Section、Finals three stages。A total of 966 players from 89 countries and What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?regions participated。Selected layer by layer,A total of 10 players successfully advanced to the final。Xi'an Foreign Affairs College International Student Tian Youran all the way to cut thorns,Passing the level to cut the general,advanced to the top 10,Enter the final,and won the "Excellent Literary Care Award" in the finals。

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Tian Youran from Belgium,Graduated from the University of Antwerp, Belgium,Bachelor's degree in applied linguistics,English -Chinese translation master's degree。During this period,As an exchange student, he has come to Xi'an Foreign Affairs College to study comprehensive Chinese。From this,He has Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024a strong interest in the traditional culture education of Xi'an Foreign Affairs College。After graduating from a master's degree in 2022,He came to Xi'an Foreign Affairs College to study high -level Chinese and Chinese cultural courses,Immerse in Xi'an Foreign Affairs College "Shi Li Le" course and event,Drunk in the thick culture of Xi'an in the ancient city,Follow the Xi'an Foreign Affairs Drum Orchestra to learn drum,It is an infatuation of a Chinese excellent traditional culture。

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During the game,Tian Youran's paintings told my unforgettable moment of life in China,Show the courage of your deep love,sufficient affirmation Best European Cup prediction websiteof the judges。Tian Youran said,It will continue to tell the world in Chinese a good Chinese story,Start a learning between youths in China and the world in the world、Bridge to convey friendship,Further promotes Chinese and foreign civilization exchanges and mutual learning。

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