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Tencent Cloud and Haojing Group three universities together to promote school -enterprise cooperation、Fusion of production and education,New quality productive forces,Create Northwest Digital Economic Talent Training Center
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April 24,Haojing Group What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?and the Shaanxi Academy of Clothing Engineering、Haojing College of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology、Xi'an Health Engineering Vocational College and Tencent Cloud Team held a strategic cooperation negotiation of school -enterprise at Ji Xianlin Guo College in Shaanxi,Both parties will carry out in -depth production and education integration、School -enterprise cooperation,Create Northwest Digital Economic Talent Training Center。This is April 2023,Another cooperation project promoted after Haojing Group and Tencent developed digital cooperation with Tencent。

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Northwest Digital Economic Talent Training Center is Haojing Group and Tencent Qiangqiang together,Common cooperation to introduce the implementation of Tencent ecological enterprises,Create the Termine Ecological Enterprise Accelerator,Become Tencent in Cultural Tourism Trading、Smart City、Ecological support for the development of development in the fields of production and education integration。

Future Northwest Digital Economic Talent Training Center will integrate practical teaching、Activity Organization、Social Training、Entrepreneurship office、Real production and social technology serves the integration of production, education integration and coordination and innovation center,Entrepreneurship for the student team、"Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024Double Teacher" teacher training training provides basic guarantee。As a talent incubation center,Operating mode of "Selection -Education -Fun -Chuang",Training around skills、Training、Employment、Innovation and entrepreneurship and other core functions,Cover design、Marketing Planning、Short video、Anime、Software Development and other job professional skills talent training,Realized college students、Social practitioners and industry digital technical talents training full coverage,Construction of college students to enter school and employment、Graduation can go to the job as a new education ecology。

Haojing Group is located in Xixian New District, National New Area,is one of the core universities of Qinchuang's original innovation drive platform,In recent years,Haojing Group effectively releases innovative potential energy,Efforts to open up the difficult point of the advantages of science and education resources and the integration of economic development,Realized deep integration of production and education、The profound upgrade and change of the service industry and local economic model,Three colleges and universities in engineering talents、Technology talent training、Three major fields of big health talents cultivated Websites for Football Betting on Euro 202430 years deeply,Fire grades,remarkable。The three universities of the group have strong teachers and rich educational experience。Tencent in cloud computing、Artificial Intelligence、Big Data、Small Program、Digital twin and other fields have accumulated rich technical resources,Passionate experience in the development and promotion of product development and efficient operations with the "digital economy" era,It is a leading company in the digital economy industry。

This cooperation between the two parties,It is in line with the requirements of national vocational education reform and development,Innovation,Exploring the Reform of the Cultivation Model Training Model Training Model Training Model of the Digital Economy Times,Promote the deep integration of production and education、School -Enterprise Coordinator,Build a government、Industry、Enterprise、School multi -party education mechanism,Provides strong human resources support for the development of the Northwest region,New quality productive forces。

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Chairman of the Board of Haojing Group、Chairman of the board of directors of Shaanxi School of clothing engineering、Chairman of the Board of Haojing College of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology、Dr. Lu Ming, chairman of the board of directors of Xi'an Health Engineering Vocational College, pointed out:

Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Facing the impact of a new round of scientific and technological revolution,Our university needs to cultivate talents for the transformation of social needs。Current,Promoting talent training in colleges and universities faces many difficulties、Pain,Such as: a single school mode、Teaching mode backward、Decodion of production and education,Control with the government,Described with regional development,Described with the industry。Deepen the integration of production and education,Promoting Education Chain、Talent Chain and Industrial Chain、An innovative chain organic connection,is to promote education priority development、Talent Leading Development、Industrial Innovation Development、Strategic measures for high -quality economic development。We want to promote the construction of construction resources、"Market -based co -construction sharing" production and education integration mechanism for sharing of interests,"True Handshake" with advanced technology companies、"Holding Hand","Holding a small hand",Realize the "substantial union" between universities and enterprises。We have to actively integrate into society,Promote the integration of production and education,Use your own characteristics and 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteadvantages,Integration with strategic emerging industries and regional development,Exploring and training new talents that can use top technology,Create education、Research、Innovation、New Ecology of the Industrial Development of Entrepreneurship。

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The integration of production and education participating subject multiple,How to "hold fingers into fist"、Form a joint force,The key to the integration of production and education。Advantages complementary,Special need to strengthen collaborative linkage,Give full play to local governments、University、Enterprise institutions and other functions,Promoting education、Industry、Talent、Gathering fusion of funds and other elements、Advantages complementary,The final goal is to make the development of students more adaptable to the needs of the times,Improving ability leaders,Help students lead social development after graduation。

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Mr. Mei Fu Sheng, Chairman of Teng Xiaoyun Technology, the co -president of Tengyun Digitalization, said: Visit the school today,Our school running concept for school、Basic conditions of school -enterprise cooperation,First -class hardware facilities of the school、The teacher team expressed high appreciation and full affirmation,I hope to work together with the three universities Best European Cup prediction websiteof Haojing Group,Joint efforts to create an iconic production and education integration base。

Lu Chao, the leaders of the three universities and government leaders of Haojing Group、Wang Gang、Huang Xinmin、Huang Guoquan、Tang Minghui、Wu Junlin、Pan Qingcai、Li Zongling、Tang Minghui、Liu Yun、Luo Wenqian、Tang Xuexue、Wu Xiuqiang and related office leaders,Tencent Cloud Team Zhao Xiaozhuo、Bang Wan Tao、Chun Tingting 、Wu Jing、Yu Miao、Xie Cailian,and Liu Peng, president of Ronggu, Shandong, attended the negotiation。

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