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Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs Institute successfully established the third phase of the Ministry of Education to docking the employment and education project
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    June 14,The Ministry of Education announced the third phase of supply and demand docking the employment education project.,Successful establishment of 6 projects in Xi'an Foreign Affairs College。This is the school's continuous deepening of the integration of production and education、Improve the school -enterprise coordinated education mechanism、Promote graduates with high quality employment,Another major breakthrough in this field of the project。

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    The six projects of this project cover the intelligent manufacturing、Cultural Tourism Art、Electrical Engineering and its automation 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteand other fields。Three items declared by the School of Modern Industrial, Xi'an Foreign Affairs College,The first is to jointly apply for the construction of intelligent manufacturing enterprises' electrical automation technology professionals for supply and demand, employment and internship base construction research project with Shaanxi Feiyu Electric Technology Co., Ltd.,Second, the joint construction and employment internship base project of the cultural tourism art industry with Shanghai Zhouzi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.。Third is to jointly carry out the construction and research project of the employment of electrical automation technology talents for intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the cooperation with Suzhou 2024 European Cup Football Official WebsiteFina El Technology Co., Ltd.。Items fourth item,Lead by the School of Modern Industry of the School,The School of Engineering and Suzhou Fina El Technology Co., Ltd. jointly carried out the research and implementation project of electrical engineering and its automation professional orientation talent training plan。Fifth is the international cooperative college and foreign language teaching and research and publishing house Co., Ltd.。Six is ​​the IBT teaching mode jointly declared by the school business school and Beijing Xindajia Ding Technology Co., Ltd.。

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    Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs is actively connected with enterprises,Finally determined that 6 items are divided into three types,quite forward -looking and practical。The first category is the construction project of the employment internship base.,Help college students to improve employment ability,Direct employment; the second type is the training project of targeted talent training.,Promoting accurate supply and demand for supply and demand、In advance; the third is that school -enterprise cooperation 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteprojects in key areas are jointly cultivated by school -enterprise cooperation projects around key areas,Provide employment positions for college students。

    Supply and demand docking employment and education project is the Ministry of Education deepening the integration of production and education、Important measures for school -enterprise cooperation,It aims to gather more social forces to promote high -quality and full employment of college graduates。This project is set up by the Ministry of Education,Organize universities and employers who publish project guidelines to carry out supply and demand docking。

    Employment and Education Projects through supply and demand,Xi'an Foreign Affairs College continues to improve and improves the school -enterprise coordinated education mechanism。Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs Establishs the School of Modern Industry,Cooperative majors in various colleges and colleges Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024to carry out school -enterprise co -construction and promotion,Putting on the way to get students' talents。School actively connects high -quality enterprises,More than 100 companies in the joint construction of school -enterprise cooperation internship,Provide students with nearly 10,000 people's post internship and employment opportunities。Students realize seamless internship employment through the school -enterprise cooperation platform,Find the job I like。

    Xi'an Foreign Affairs College takes the initiative to seek new and change,Playing the integration barriers of production and education,In the past five years,More than 60 items of the Ministry of Education's Industry and Academic Cooperation Projects have been obtained。


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