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Xi'an Foreign Affairs College insists on educating people、Build a Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024"one -stop" student community cultural construction new ecology with cultural people
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    Xi'an Foreign Affairs College in -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's cultural thought,Persist in educating people、Cultural people,The cultural heritage and ideological and political education of the students will be planted.、Tightly combined with excellent traditional culture inheritance,Continue to promote the Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024"one -stop" student community construction high -quality development deep and deeply realized,Actively build a new ecological pattern of the fundamental task of Lideshu people。
1、Jianqiang platform,Improve the system of cultural educating people。1 is systematic design,Strengthen the organization leaders。Establish the ideological and political work leadership group and cultural construction leadership group,Incorporate cultural construction into the school's "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" construction plan and the "Implementation Plan for Deepening the Reform of Education Evaluation in the New Era",Improve the unified leadership of the party committee、Cultural education work decision -making mechanisms of the party and government's work together; relying on the establishment of Zhengmeng Academy and its 5 branches in the student community,Academy、Corresponding integration of the college,and establish a "five -long system" student ideological and political work network,Form the planning and design of Zhengmeng Academy、Division and Coordination of the Ministry of Education and Industry,College、The implementation mechanism implemented by the academy coordinated organization, "School、Court、Community "Unicom,"Teaching、Tube、Education "penetration,Realize the "one -stop" cultural education goal。The second is the three -dimensional construction,Correct practical position。Taking the construction of the Chinese Excellent Traditional Cultural Heritage What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?Base (Guqin) and the construction of Zhengmeng Academy as a traction,Create "Three Bases、Two Long Gallery、One Center "school -level demonstration cultural education practical teaching hall。Expand Construction Rong Guqin、Drimming and Editor's Prescription、Tibet、Research、Learning、Traditional culture and art centers made in one,Carry out Guqin Education、Publicity display、Protection inheritance and innovation demonstration,Turn the national essence of piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, and fragrant tea into the practice of educating people in the academy。Third is the panorama creation,Improve the education environment。According to "One Hospital, One Brand、One -floor style "Construction idea,Increase investment in capital,Reform and improve the cultural style of the student community。Improve the Party Construction Workshop、Function settings of the Party Construction Center,Construction Double Innovation Workshop、Mengxin Station,Optimize various literary activity rooms、Academic Guidance Room、Cafe shop、Tea Art Room and other cultural atmosphere,Through the artistic corridor cultural wall,With relief、murals、Cultural works exhibition boards and other forms show the core values ​​of socialism。Inject excellent traditional culture、Revolutionary Culture、Yan'an spirit and campus culture and other elements and logos,Specifically achieves the goal of environmental education,Demonstrate the function of the community'Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024s close -to -type full -scale educating people。
2、Deep dug connotation,Improve the working system of cultural education。The first is to build a "general education" course system。Focus on the strategic value of culture and educating people、Practical value and ideological and political education value,Core for promoting the comprehensive development of students and multiple cultivation as the core,Create "Guanxue and Humanities", "Guqin and Music Cultivation" and "Life and Health" as the main line,The cultural education department represented by the "original point forum" and "Hongdao Qifang" community and political lecture hall。The second is to build a "development education" practice system。Set the required course of "College Student Cultivation and Daily Behavior Specifications",Formulate "Ten Provisions of Behavior",Guide students to develop good thinking habits、Behavioral habits、Language habits。Educate all students in physical strength "good meeting、Bend over to pick up paper towels ",Always maintain an optimistic attitude of life、Pursue the correct value orientation、Shape an elegant and decent behavior、Cultivation of knowledge of learning and aspirations、Rich humanistic nourishment。Third is to build the "two wings" moral education system。Education of educational education and behavioral development education for students' ideological and moral cultivation,Build a student growth ability matrix,Pay attention to the process of student character improvement,2024 European Cup Football Official WebsiteA series of activities through organizing Chinese excellent traditional culture learning and humanistic literacy enhancement,Real records of students' general courses、Discussion Speaking and Writing of Zhou Ji,Guiding students to province to improve quality,Create Civilized Behavior Habits Consciously。
3、Innovation form,Promoting cultural educating people can improve energy and increase efficiency。First, insist on integrating with party building activities。Adhere to the first issue of the "Hongdao Seven Fang" community and political lecture hall theme report,Establish five community ideological and political teachers studio,Preaching the spirituality of the Chinese Communist Party; carry out the "ideological gang" exchange seminar、Party members "Red Bud" Guide Learning Training,Online and offline reports will participate in more than 26,000 people throughout the year。Second, insist on integrating with the concentration of reading。Create 7 colleges "Net Red Book House",Establishment of "Zhengmeng Reading Club" and other reading society,Carry out "Professor Zhengmeng's reading,Traditional Culture Plastic Gentleman "Classic Book Guide Series Activity。Plan the "Live Library" activity,Invite the 20th National Congress of the Party、Shaanxi Province labor model、Chinese college students' self -improvement stars、Many alumni such as good young people in the country,Students with personal growth and struggle experience,Practice to create a new style of educating people in the 2024 European Cup Football Official Website"Shuxiang Community"。Third, insist on integrating with practical education。Covering sound every year、Dance、etiquette、instrumental music、Tip、Calligraphy and painting photography、Poetry recitation, including the "Fishhua Dragon" College Culture and Art Festival,More than a thousand teachers and students on the stage,Participate in more than 20,000 teachers and students。Community Guqin、Gu Zheng、Go、Calligraphy、Chinese painting、Tea Art、Guoxue、Poetry Society and other cultural communities account for 20%of the total number of students in the school,More than 7,000 students participating in the year,Average of more than 200 times for traditional cultural activities。
4、Deep cultivation,Sticking the original boutique of culture and educating people。One is to cultivate sentiment in the subtle way。Arrangement College's version of the drama "White Deer Plain",Wonderful exhibition large -scale concert "Tang Ya Yun & Middot; Bell Drum" renewed the beauty of non -heritage,More than 30 shows in the school throughout the year,Watch more than 20,000 people,Show the immortal charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the practice of "cultural people"。Second is to highlight the characteristics in the teachings。Persist in letting students go to the stage from entering the campus,Realize "Promotion of Promotion、Exercise combination、The benign development of the educational phase "。Established the Xi'an Foreign Drum Orchestra with young teachers and students,Footprints spread all over 20 provinces and cities across the What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?country,Show 30 games,Driven the cultural heritage and promotion mission with actual actions。Third is to cast a soul in the innovation of the innovation。Persist in integrating the "five education" into the practice of community education,Formulate the "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improve School Aesthetic Education Work in the New Era",Condensing and precipitating the Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024"one -stop" student community "red culture", "integrity culture", "family country feelings", "big country craftsman", "big doctor sincere", etc.,Effectively construct a multi -symbiotic student growth environment。
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