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Xi'an Eurasian College 2024 pairing to help Qingxian County "Qingxuan Middle School Environmental Design and Reconstruction" project starts operation
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    Recently,Xi'an Eurasian College 2024 pairing to help Qingxian County "Qingxuan Middle School Environmental Design and Reconstruction" project starts operation。As the only senior middle school in Qingxuan County,Qingxuan Middle School for improving the cultural connotation of campus、Optimizing environmental Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024aesthetic design has an urgent need,Strive to create an excellent educational atmosphere that inspires learning and rich in cultural heritage。

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    According to the school's "Double Hundred Project" work plan in 2024,This year's "Qingxuan Middle School Environment Design and Reconstruction" assistance project is borne by the school's Ed Art Design College,Associate Professor of the Academy、Teacher Geng Nuannuan, a arts and craftsman, and 15 environmental design professional internship students to form a special team,In -depth integration of professional internships with rural rejuvenation,Go to Qingxuan Middle School Reconstruction Design Frontline,Transforming students' learning results into a physical improvement plan for Qingxuan Middle Best European Cup prediction websiteSchool campus,Strive through actual combat exercises,Exercise Student Practice Wisdom,Deepen its sense of social responsibility,A win -win situation in achieving education and service society。

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    June 15th to 16th,Teacher Geng Nuannuan takes the lead to lead 6 students,Go to Qingxuan Middle School to investigate。This trip aims to use precise field surveying and mapping and in -depth research,Capture the unique cultural heritage of campus,Precisely docking the school's vision for future design and transformation。Under the guidance of Teacher Geng,Students cleverly use drones and precision rangers,Detailed surveying and mapping on campus,At the same time, conduct comprehensive communication with Qingxuan Middle School,Jointly discuss the lack and improvement Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024of existing environmental design。

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    After the survey is over,Student sub -groups orderly carry out design work,June 20、On June 27, a project promotion seminar was carried out。Will on the way,Students actively speak,In -depth discussion of the preliminary design direction of the campus cultural construction project。From the overall layout of campus landscape to the integration of architectural style,From the excavation of cultural elements to inheritance innovation,Careful design considerations。Final,In the warm discussion, the design direction that is both practical and artistic,Determined the subsequent specific design work ideas。

    "Double Hundred Project" Qingxuan assistance plan is like a solid bridge,closely linked the social Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024practice activities of students of Xi'an Eurasian college and the need for the improvement of the campus environment of Qingxuan Middle School。In the journey of integration of technology and practice,Teachers and students of the school will use their professional technology,Education space environment for Qingxuan Middle School to enhance infinite creativity and possibility。

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