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Zheng Yuanjie: Please let your child lose on the starting line
2013-09-01 05:12 Zheng Yuanjie, Source: China Education Network    (Click: )
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The most serious sentence in the field of education in the field of education is "Don't let your child lose on the starting line。"Some parents are worried that their children will lose on the starting line,Give your child a long full irrigation with various training courses with the knowledge of non -synchronization with his age,揠。If described life as a competition,The metaphor of the "starting line" is appropriate。But,"Losing on the starting line" is only suitable for short -range competitions,For example, 100 meters。If it is a long -distance running like a marathon,There is no worry about losing on the starting line。On the contrary,Marathon Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024competition winning athletes on the starting line,Often because there is no physical strength,To make an earlier,Get up late。
This can be seen,Should parents worry that their children will lose on the starting line,It depends on the estimation of parents' life span。If the child’s life belongs to a sprint,Only for more than ten years,You must not let your child lose on the starting line,The key to knowing 100 meters is often starting,Started the lead,Successful half of it。But if parents estimate for their children's life longer,It is equivalent to the child's life to participate in a marathon long -distance running competition,It is not important if the starting line is the lead。The characteristic of the marathon competition is who laughed at the end who laughed the best。
    The key to long -distance running is to save strength,This is the same as the truth of learning knowledge。2024 European Cup Football Official WebsiteWhen the child does not have a certain experience,Give it to instill knowledge that does not match the child's age,Children have no life experience,The perception of knowledge will not be deep,Not only does not have a sense of resonance,I even hate。Measure whether education is successful,Not a score,Instead。If the educated person's interest in the knowledge learned is getting greater,Explain that education is successful,On the contrary, the opposite is opposite。The educated person is interested in the knowledge learned,Except for the teacher’s professor method,It also depends on the degree of the child's perception of knowledge。For example,A 5 -year -old child is just a mechanical recitation for "Static Night",and a 20 -year -old young man who is far away from his hometown, if you see "Jing Ye Si" Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024for the first time,Maybe tears like spring,A sense of intersection。Everyone who bought a new car knows,New car has a run -in period。In the running -in period of the new car,The speed cannot be too fast。Only this,This car can only be galloped in the future。If you drive at a high speed during the running -in period of the new car,Cars will premature aging,When the rapid travel,I will not be in mind。Assuming to compare people to cars,People’s running -in period is childhood。In childhood,Can't run at full load,Moderate running -in。So,Children are adult,Be a fast horse with whip,Full of stamina。Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge。”
    Those with imaginative power can conduct creative labor。Imagination and knowledge is natural enemies。In the process of gaining Best European Cup prediction websiteknowledge,Imagination will disappear。Because knowledge is in line with logic,The imagination can be followed。In other words,The essence of knowledge is science,The characteristics of imagination are absurd。The brain of a person is not tolerated: before school age,Imagination of imagination,The brain is occupied by imagination。After school,Most people's imagination will be expelled from knowledge,Become a person who has become knowledgeable but lost imagination for life that can only repeat the knowledge found in the past。Few people can keep knowledge and imagination in their brains,Once coexisted,This person is a successful person who can carry out creative labor。In childhood childhood,Let it contact knowledge late,It is conducive to imagination to settle in the child's brain,If Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024the child becomes a person with imagination and knowledge,You can be a mother for the master。
    Please let your child lose on the starting line。Lost on the starting line,May win life。Win on the starting line,May lose life。If you want to take it, you will be the first wisdom。

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