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Graduate applicants, these ten "pit" should be avoided!
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    Graduation season for another year。According to the common tricks and routines commonly used in recent years,A message released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,Reminder that job seekers strictly prevent the top ten scams,Protect yourself safety。
Best European Cup prediction website[Trap 1: Overseas high salaries to deceive traps]
Many scammers pack illegal crimes as overseas high -paying work,After seducting job seekers to hook,May be deceived to be engaged in telecommunications fraud abroad、Online gambling and other illegal crimes,Those who refuse to work or "performance" do not meet the standard,Even illegal detention、Abuse, etc.。
Prevention Tips: See this kind of overseas high salary temptation,Be sure to check whether the business company has qualifications for foreign labor cooperation,and the industry average salary level。If a lot higher,It is necessary to consider whether there is a trap。
[Trap 2: Enter the MLM Circle Set]
MLM refers to the organizer or operator through the development personnel,Requires it to pay or purchase goods to obtain or develop others,As a result of profitable behavior。MLM generally spreads by relatives and friends,Basically, it is easy to make a lot of money、No need to interview directly as a gimmick。The interview or work location is relatively remote and converted frequently,The company's business cannot be clearly explained。
Prevention Tips: Be sure to know that MLM belongs to illegal acts,Propaganda for development offline,Keep your mind soberly。If you accidentally enter MLM,Under the premise of ensuring personal safety,Get out of the police as soon as possible。
[Trap 3: Black Intermediary Chaos Charge]
Some illegal career introduction agencies are named by recruitment,Collection of college graduates registration fees、clothing fee、Sports examination fee、deposit、Job stable gold and other expenses。Some intermediary agencies cooperate with illegal employers,Get the fee in the name of recommended jobs,Graduates when they enter the job,Either a job that does not match or even false positions with the needs of graduates,Either the illegal employer compiles various reasons to refuse its job or dismiss the midway。
Prevention reminder: Remember to apply for the application itself does not require any cost。It should be given priority to the public employment talent service agency and the regular market intermediary agency with the "Human Resources Service License",For recruitment interview internships with the condition of first pay, you need to treat it with caution。
[Trap 4: Back to rebate scam]
Some scammers are part -time with high salaries、Click the mouse to make money、Brush the single cash back、Douyin Kuaishou Likes and other guise for fraud,It is characterized by lower thresholds,Called relaxed part -time job、Made in salary。
Prevention Tips: Do not trust the good things that are easy and make money,The pie will not fall in the sky,It is often a trap when Best European Cup prediction websiteit falls。At the same time, pay attention to personal information security,Not easily leaked bank card、Net Bank、Alipay and other password information,Don’t open the strange website link。
[Trap 5: Pay in -paying internal push, priority recruitment]
Individual intermediaries or individuals with "help" job seekers enter well -known enterprises through the so -called internal recommendation、State -owned enterprise and central enterprise or priority recruitment and other names charge high costs。If the job seeker is hired,The agency is attributed to themselves; if the job seeker is not hired,I will obscure for various reasons,Refusal refund the relevant expenses。
Prevention Tips: Internal push of charges、Entry admission, etc. are mostly false propaganda,Candidates must not hold the words of liar with mentality such as "shortcut" and "relationship"。
[Trap 6: Training Employment High Loan]
Individual intermediaries or employers use high salary employment as bait,Promise to college graduates after training after employment,But the training fee for loan payment for the designated lending institution must be。After the training is over,Training institutions are often difficult to fulfill their promises,or the recommended job is far from the original promise,Graduates may face the unfavorable situation 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteof being in a high loan without lending and not realizing employment。
Prevention Tips: It depends on whether the scope of the institution or the business contains the training content,See if the promised salary is generally consistent with the same position as society,Carefully sign a loan agreement or a training agreement containing loan content。
[Trap 7: The contract signed "Cat Tired"]
Some units only sign the Employment Agreement,Or talk、Telephone and other verbal form agreed on related matters,No written labor contract is not signed; some contract content is simple,Lack of jobs、Work location、Salary、Labor conditions、The contractual period of the contract;,Prepare two "yin and yang contracts" with different salary; others include the "Overlord Terms",Requires that you must not get married within a few years、Obief overtime、No salary of resignation during the trial period。
Prevention Tips: Before signing a labor contract,It should be negotiated with the employer carefully、Treat it carefully,Do not hastily sign。In particular, we must be highly alert to the law in the labor contract.、Obvious unreasonable terms,To prevent falling into the trap。
[Trap 8: Fake Trial, Real use]
Some units exceed the legal time upper limit agreed test period,or repeatedly agreed on the trial period; some are based on the 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitetrial period,Paying salary is lower than the minimum wage standard stipulated by the local government,or not paying social security; there are a large number of recruitment of fresh graduates,Salary with lower trial period,After the probation period, it will be dismissed for various reasons。
Prevention Tips: Any trial period that violates the law of the law is invalid。The longest probation period does not exceed 6 months,The same employer and the same worker can only agree on the trial period。Social security should be paid normally during the trial period,Wages are not lower than the minimum wage of the same position in the same position or 80%of the salary agreed in the labor contract。
【Trap 9: Original Personal Certificate】
Some employers or intermediaries borrow to storage or handle social security、Applying for salary card and other names,Searching the job seeker ID card、Graduation Certificate、Original personal documents such as the degree certificate。This situation is very dangerous,Maybe of the job seekers' information to engage in bank cards and other illegal acts。
Prevention Tips: Do not deliver the original documents to others,If necessary,,Just show it。Copy of documents,To indicate specific uses in the right location。
[Trap 10: Playing text games beautify positions]
Some units increase their attraction Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024to graduates,Intentional exaggeration of the unit scale、performance、Development prospects、Salary and benefits;,Vague treatment of recruitment positions,The salesperson、Salesman and other positions to beautify them into "marketing managers" and "Director of the Division"。
Prevention Tips: You need to understand the company's background when you apply for a job,Detailed inquiry Label information、Work content,Avoid the entry and expectations after entry and expected。To be vigilant for those who have recruited for a long time。


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