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Job Tips for Graduate Graduates: Enhance three consciousness strictly prevent four types of traps
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    Current,less than 2 months from the graduate to leave school,The key period for the job hunting of college graduates,Some criminals dig into the "pit" to set up in the guise of recruitment,Scam money、Stealing information、Trending crime and other phenomena occur from time What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?to time,Seriously damage the employment rights and interests of graduates。To protect its own safety and legitimate rights and interests,College graduates during the job search process,Be sure to enhance three consciousness,Strictly prevent four types of traps。      Build a line of defense and enhance three consciousness
    1 To enhance risk prevention consciousness。Actively participate in employment guidance and safety education activities organized by schools and related departments,Awareness and ability to enhance the recognition of employment "trap" and illegal and illegal behaviors,Do not take the so -called "job search shortcut",Be alert to the potential "high salary scam"。
    Second, we must enhance information security awareness。Through the National University Student Employment Service Platform、University employment websites and other national departments、Local and universities' campus recruitment and other regular channels to obtain employment information,Multi -channel screening,Not blindly trustworthy; do not open the strange website link,Careful treatment of sensitive information、Dispertation proof of the original behavior。
    Third, we must enhance the consciousness of protecting rights in accordance with the law。Actively understand the legal knowledge of learning job jobs,Learn to protect your rights and interests with the law。If I have the legitimate rights and interests in What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?the job search,Actively collect and retain relevant evidence,Timely ask for help from the school and relevant departments,or report the case to the public security organs。
    Make vigilance, prevent four types of traps strictly
    1. Strictly prevent illegal professional intermediary traps。Some have no relevant qualifications or use it、"Black Intermediary" forged related qualifications,I often publish false recruitment information under the guise of introducing work,Taking "easy to get high salary", "promotion and salary fast" as bait,Use various means to cheat money。
    Prevention Tips: Graduates from universities job search through intermediary service agencies,To choose integrity and reliable、Service agencies with standardized business specifications,Don’t trust verbal commitment,Be sure to sign the formal service agreement on the basis of confirmation of the relevant content。Once you encounter "Black Intermediary",Should be reported in time,Refusing to pay relevant fees。
    Second, we must prevent recruitment charging trap。Criminals often collect various fees in disguise in the name of recruitment,Get illegal interests。Some deposit、Margin、Application fee、clothing fee、Data fee and other name charges,Then use various harsh requirements to force job seekers to automatically abandon job hunting or departure,The payment has been paid and will not be refunded for various What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?reasons。Some claim to have the right to recommend in the well -known company,Dedication to recommend high -quality positions to recommend high -quality positions under charges。Some collusion with the non -performing online loan platform,Use graduates to enter the workplace first、Features of Job Search Heart,Set training loan、Buying loan、New recruitment traps such as beauty loans。Some recruits in disguise in the name of recruitment,Requirement of paying for employment or verification training,Once the fee is charged, it refuses to fulfill its commitment for various reasons,Even "Roll Runway"。
    Prevention Tips: Article 9 of the Labor Contract Law stipulates: "employers recruit workers,The resident ID card and other documents of the workers must not be seized,Do not require workers to provide guarantees or collect property from the workers in other names。"If the employer is required to rent for various reasons during the recruitment process、Buy all kinds of work equipment or pay money、Loans can only arrange positions,It should be decisively refused,to avoid being deceived。Payment training can be hired、All requirements for employment,Be sure to be alert to the trap of "hanging sheep head selling dog meat",Beware of being cheated by being cheated,Waste time and energy。If the fee is paid, a regular invoice is issued and the official seal of the unit is stamped,Reserved evidence for possible dispute protection。
    Best European Cup prediction websiteThird, prevent recruitment fraud trap。Criminals often publish false recruitment information,induced job seekers to engage in、Participate in illegal acts。Some posted advance recruitment information on various online platforms,The words "high salary urgency" and "academic qualifications" and other words induce job seekers to gradually expose personal information、Download the order app,Check the job seeker's money。Some use "diligence and frugality", "recruitment part -time", "high return" as bait,attracting job seekers to fall into MLM tissue trap。Some are named "Administrative Secretary" and "Life Assistant" in recruitment,or the guise of emerging occupations such as recruiting network anchors,Require female job seekers to engage in heterosexual services。Some are recruited in the name,The bank card of stealing job seekers、Personal information such as mobile phone card or payment account,Used for fraud、Money laundering and other illegal activities。
    Prevention Tips: College graduates should light up "Hui Eye",Master the "trick" of preventing traps,Encountered "" Live less money "," Easy Money "," Lying and Making Money "and other" sounding beautiful "recruitment information and" good things in the sky "" good things ",Be sure to be vigilant,Check more and ask more precautions,Beware of "stepping on the mine" and "drop pit"。
    Fourth, we must prevent Best European Cup prediction websitethe "Cat Tired" contract trap。During the contract signing process,Individual employers to reduce employment costs、Avoiding the responsibility of employment and infringing the legitimate rights and interests of graduates。Some only sign the Employment Agreement,or talk、Telephone and other verbal forms of work related matters,No written labor contract。Some contract content is simple,Lack of jobs、Work location、Salary、Labor conditions、The contractual period of the contract。Some are based on the reason for paying less taxes,Prepare two "yin and yang contracts" with different salary at the same time。Some include the "Overlord Terms",Requires that you must not get married within a few years、unconditional obedience to overtime、No salary of resignation during the trial period。Graduate after working,Especially when there are some controversy,It is possible that the employer may be based on the reason that there is no written labor contract or violated the relevant terms of the contract,Rating or refusal salary。
    Prevention Tips: The Labor Contract Law clearly stipulates: Establishing a labor relationship,It should be concluded for a written labor contract。Graduate college graduates before signing a labor contract,It should be negotiated with the employer carefully、Treat it carefully,Do not signed the hasty rate。Be sure to read it carefully when signing Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024the contract,A verification of the necessary terms stipulated in the Labor Contract Law (the basic situation of the employer、contract period、Work content and place、Working hours and rest vacations、Labor remuneration、Social Insurance、Labor conditions, etc.),It is particularly alert to be highly vigilant.、Obvious unreasonable clauses,Prevents falling into the trap,It is difficult to protect rights。If you fail to sign a contract for some reason、Establishing Agreement,Once you encounter disputes, you should seek help from relevant departments in time,Properly solve it through regular channels。
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