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The Ministry of Education conducts special supervision on the employment work of universities in many provinces
2024-06-28 17:50 Ministry of Education's official website    (Click: )
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    To implement the Party Central Committee、The State Council's decision -making deployment of the employment work of college graduates,The Ministry of Education recently organized the special supervision of Best European Cup prediction websiteemployment work in 2024 college graduates,The members of the party group led the team to Anhui、Liaoning、Hebei、Beijing、Jiangxi、Tianjin and other provinces and cities carry out field supervision。
The Ministry of Education emphasizes,Graduates from colleges and universities are the resources of the party and the country's noble talents,High -quality development of employment relationships in college graduates、Minsheng Welfare and Social Stability,Party Central Committee、The State Council attaches great importance to,Requires the employment of young people such as college graduates as the top priority。Universities in various places must further improve political standing,Effectively What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?enhance the sense of responsibility for the employment work of college graduates,Implement this major political task,Promote the smooth employment of college graduates、Employment as soon as possible。
The Ministry of Education emphasizes,The current college enters the graduates' departure stage,To grab the employment sprint period,Strongly accelerate the implementation of work and implementation。First, we must expand employment,Relying on online recruitment of employment service platform for national college students,Continue recruitment activities in various places,Uninterrupted push employment post information。Second, we must speed up the recruitment of What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?organizational policies,Highly use stable job expansion and employment policies,Implementing grass -roots employment projects such as the "Special Plan",Guide and encourage graduates to build merit at the grassroots level。Third, do a good job of guiding assistance,Practical graduates who are concerned about leaving school, especially in difficult group graduates, employment progress,Provide targeted employment guidance and job recommendation。Fourth, we must regulate to register for graduation and go,Carry out the provincial school -level employment data self -check,Make sure the data is true and accurate。Effectively Best European Cup prediction websitemaintain the legal employment rights and interests of graduates,Details to do a good job of graduate service and service between departments。Five must prevent and control employment risks,Strengthen positive publicity guidance,Actively create a good atmosphere for the whole society to promote the employment of college graduates。
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