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Management Measures for Meeting of the Private Education Association of Shaanxi Province
2024-06-07 12:47 Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association    (Click: )
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    Article 1 is to regulate the Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association").、Use and manage,Make sure the normal performance of the work responsibilities of the Association,According to "Ministry of Civil Affairs、Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Adjusting the Policies of Social Group Fees "(Minfa [2003] No. 95)、Ministry of Civil Affairs、The Ministry of Finance's "Notice on Further Clarifying the Policies for Social Group Meeting Fees" (Minfa [2006] No. 123),and the Ministry of Civil Affairs、National Development Reform Commission、Supervision Department、Ministry of Finance、National Taxation Administration、The State Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Council Correction Office's "Notice on Regulating the Issues Related to Social Group Charges" (Minfa [2007] No. 167) and other relevant regulations and the formulation of the charter of the Association。
    Article 2 Source of the Association includes membership membership fees、Social donation、Government funding、Interest、Event and service income and other legal income。
    Article 3 Members of this Association include individual members and group members,The Association will formulate and collect members' meeting fees in accordance with relevant national regulations。
    The membership fee standard of the membership of the Association is charged in accordance with the following standards:
    Group membership membership fee of 1,000 yuan per year; the membership unit's meeting fee is 1,000 yuan per year; the executive director unit costs 5,000 yuan per year; the Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024vice chairman unit costs 30,000 yuan per year。
In view of the industry associations that have funded the nature of self -funding,Members of this Association can donate a variety of forms to support the work of the association。
    Article 4 Members and individual members of the unit pay for the payment fee to transfer through the bank,Account Name: Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association。You can also pay directly to the financial department of the association to pay。Association will issue formal bills。
    Article 5 of the Association pays annual fees,Once in January each year。
Sixth the membership fee paid by members,Is one of the main sources of the association's activities。Payment fees for full amount on schedule are the obligations of the association members。If members do not pay the meeting fee,It is deemed to be automatically retreat。Membership payments are really difficult,It is 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitenecessary to submit a written application instructions for the reason,Discussion Decision of the Office of the Secretary -General of the Association,According to the charter of the Association, you can reduce the exemption fee as appropriate。
    Article 7 The association fees are mainly used to provide services to members and various business activities based on the purpose of the association。It mainly includes:
    1. Normal office funds and personnel funds;
    2. Member Congress、Council、Executive Council、President office and other funds;
    3. Provide services to members、The funding of learning materials and training;
    4. Carry out funds for domestic and international cooperation and exchanges;
    5. Cultivation of information promotion;
    6. Other necessary funds approved by the president office meeting.
    Article 8 The Association has a special person to collect fees、Use and manage work,Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024Establishing income and expenditure accounts,Accounting accounting in accordance with the national unified account system and regulations。
    Article 9 of the revenue and expenditure of the fees is supervised by the membership congress,Report to the member congress regularly。Accept the audit, supervision and inspection of the Supervisory Board of the Association and the relevant units in accordance with regulations。
    Article 10 The modification of these Measures must be submitted to the membership Congress of the Association,and after more than half of the membership representatives can take effect。
    Article 11 These Measures shall be explained by the Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association。
    Article 12 These Measures will be implemented from the date of the voting of the 3rd member meeting of the Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association on September 27, 2023。

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