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Zhao Yide emphasized the results of educational development more fairly and benefited the people of the province during the investigation of Xi'an
2024-07-01 15:38 Shaanxi Daily    (Click: )
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    June 27,The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Zhao Yide investigated the employment of compulsory education enrollment enrollment enrollment and college graduates in Xi'an and hosted a symposium。He emphasized,To thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on education and the spirit of the important instructions for the important speech in Shaanxi,Carrying firmly for the party、The mission of responsibility for national education,Implement the fundamental task of Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024Lide Shushu,Masterpiece to ensure the admission of children with appropriate age,Go all out to promote employment of college graduates,Let the development results of education more fair and benefit the people of the province。Deputy Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Xing Shanping attended the investigation and attended the symposium。
    Zhao Yide came to Taihua Road Primary School in Xincheng District, Xi'an and 83rd Middle School of Xi'an City,Detailed understanding of school district division and enrollment enrollment work,Emphasize the need to optimize the enrollment entry policy,Strictly regulate enrollment behavior,Strengthen enrollment information disclosure,Effectively create a fair and fair enrollment environment。At Xi'an University of Technology,Zhao Yide entered the Employment Guidance 2024 European Cup Football Official WebsiteCenter,Ask students training、Graduate signs a contract to go to the situation,Emphasizing the need to strengthen market developments and employment situations,Promote the docking of schools and enterprises,Vigorously carry out visiting enterprise expansion,Keep campus recruitment heat,Grasp the employment guidance service,Encourage and guide more graduates to build merits at the grassroots level。
    At the symposium,Zhao Yide pointed out after listening to the report of the relevant work of the province and Xi'an,Entry and employment is a matter of facts related to the lives of the masses and social stability。We must deeply grasp the new situation and task of the current compulsory education work,Precision guarantee、Fine Service,Implementation increase supply、Massage、Promoting health "combination fist"Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024,Do a good job in regional education cooperation and co -construction、Detailed teacher rotation communication、Making a best school construction layout、Digital transformation of actual education,At the same time, we combined with the trend of population changes to layout and layout of planning and education resources,Promote compulsory education high -quality balanced development and integrated development of urban and rural education。It is necessary to make overall planning to grasp the characteristics of youth and employment work,Holding the pressure、Power forward,Adhere to market -oriented and government promotion、Demand leadership and supply optimization、Inclusive support and key assistance in parallel,Strengthen the implementation of tax discounts、Social Security Subsidies、Training 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitesubsidy、Entrepreneurship guarantee loan、Various policies such as unemployment insurance and stabilizing jobs,Multi -measures and the scale of stable policy positions,Expand more space for employment for college graduates。To combine the "double first -class" construction,Dynamic adjustment of the professional and resource structure layout of colleges and universities,Promoting Professional Putong Tong、Fusion of production and education、Science and Education Ronghui,Constantly improving the matching of talent training and economic and social development。
    Standing Committee Member of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee、Fang Hongwei, Secretary of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee,Provincial direct departments、College responsible comrades participate in the event。

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