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Shaanxi solidly promotes the digitalization of education digital strategy to empower education high -quality development
2024-07-09 15:33 Shaanxi Provincial Education Department    (Click: )
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    In recent years,Shaanxi Province in -depth study and implementation of the party's 20th spirit and the important thought of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the power of the Internet,Actively implementing educational digital strategy action,Focus on the top -level design、Big Data Application、High -quality resource sharing、Smart Education Demonstration Leading、Improvement of digital Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024literacy of teachers and students、Internet information team training and network security guarantee,Education high -quality development and modernization of education。

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2024 Shaanxi Digital Education Conference site      

    —— Strengthen the overall planning。Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee、Provincial government attaches great importance to,Guidance set up the provincial party committee in charge of education、Leaders of the Provincial Government as the leader,"Internet+Education" development coordination mechanism composed of 17 departments at the provincial level,Coordinated to guide the province's digital education work。Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Education Working Committee、The Provincial Department of Education has established the Secretary of the Working Committee、Director's Education Network Information Work Leading Group,Relying on the advantages of intellectual resources of colleges and universities,Establishing development research one after another、Data service、Resource construction、Network Security、Statistical research and other 5 centers as strong support,Jointly study and review the top -level design of the province's digital transformation and development of the province。Establish "All members participation、Full evaluation、One vote veto、Lays behind accountability "network information construction and application assessment mechanism,Incorporate the effectiveness of online information work into the municipal government education performance assessment and the provincial Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024university leadership team annual assessment index。Formulate and promulgated the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" of Education Network Security and Information Technology in Shaanxi Province,Promoting the implementation of the implementation of education digital strategy operations。Organized the province's digital education conference for two consecutive years,Implementing the spirit of the World Digital Education Conference,Gathering consensus,Promote the development of digital transformation of education throughout the province。

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2023 Shaanxi Provincial Education Network Information Work Leading Group Meeting Meeting was held  

    —Capitons and integrate big data applications。Create Shaanxi Smart Education Comprehensive Service Platform,Continuous provincial platforms such as the National Smart Education Public Service Platform and "Qin Zhengtong" and "Qin Zhengtong",Unicom province, city, county and schools at all levels of management information systems,Strive to build horizontal interconnection、The digital "big system" of vertical penetration,Education manager、Teachers and students、Parents and the public provide a one -stop education comprehensive service。Shaanxi Smart Education Platform as the big data platform of the province's first provincial departments,Exploring formed a support mode for provincial government big data construction。undertake the pilot task of statistical informatization of the Ministry of Education,Through the statistical information system,Gathering Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024the provincial education system institution、Teacher、Student information,and carry out data analysis and application support education decision -making based on this,Explore intelligent upgrade。Establish and use a comprehensive management system for private education、The safety management system of dual prevention mechanism、Education Supervision Comprehensive Management System,Help "Double Subtitle" work、Campus safety、Education supervision evaluation implements the implementation。

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Shaanxi Province's smart education construction and application site will be held

    —— Promoting Smart Education Demonstration Leading。According to the requirements of digital campus construction specifications of the Ministry of Education,Combined with the actual situation of Shaanxi,Comprehensively promote the popularity of digital campus,Develop digital campus evaluation standards and implementation plans,Realize that more than 40%of the province's digital campus assessment reaches the standard,Lapts the foundation for promoting the development of smart education。Actively carry out the creation of the smart education demonstration zone and the smart campus demonstration school,11 provincial -level selection of 11 smart education demonstration zones、Smart Campus Demonstration School 73,Hold a scene meeting、Organizational Demonstration Exchange Activities、Open Smart Education Workshop、Establish a special topic、Call for excellent cases and other forms,Give full Websites for Football Betting on Euro 2024play to the leading role of the demonstration area and the demonstration school,drive the overall improvement of smart education in the province。Unite Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology to carry out the solicitation of virtual reality pioneer application cases,Lianhe Provincial Communications Administration organized the 6th "Blooming Cup" 5G application collection contest Shaanxi regional competition。Northwestern University of Technology won the second prize of the National Finals of the 6th "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Competition,9 colleges and universities were selected as a benchmark project for 5G fusion application in Shaanxi Province。
    —— Promote the sharing of high -quality educational resources。Powerful promotion of the national smart education service platform application,Guide all kinds of schools at all levels to make full use of the platform's high -quality digital resources,Innovative education and teaching activities,Promote the Class Revolution with resource applications、Improve the quality of education with teaching reform。Current,More than 2.27 million teachers and students registered in primary and secondary school platforms,Page total views of more than 798 million times。5 national -level pilot universities and 5 provincial pilot universities realize one -on -one "pair co -construction",Created "Metal Progressive、Leading drive、Collaborative Together "" Ministry-Provincial "two-level pilot architecture。2024 European Cup Football Official WebsiteGuide Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology and Qishan County Education Bureau to be selected as a typical case of the National Smart Education Public Service Platform。Deepen the "Shaanxi Education Support Platform" application,Promote the co -construction and sharing of high -quality educational resources,Promote more than 2,000 primary and secondary schools to establish network pairing assistance through platforms,Carry out various live lessons、More than 10,000 sections of on -demand lessons,More than 80,000 copies of dynamic digital resources。Shaanxi universities on the mainstream online curriculum platform at home and abroad exceed 38.76 million people,1946 online courses to carry out online and offline hybrid teaching for students,Online and offline hybrid teaching courses reached 86.7%。

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2023 Shaanxi Provincial Vocational College Education Informatization Leadership Training Course

    —— Improve the digital Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024literacy of teachers and students。Continuous organization to carry out special training in education informatization leadership and national digital literacy and skill enhancement activities,Cumulative training college in 2023、Land and Municipal Education Bureau in charge of leaders and departments responsible comrades,and more than 400 comrades in charge of the office of the party office。Implement "Urban and Rural Teachers Learning Community -Famous Teachers Leading Action",Building a school and rural teacher learning and exchange、"Interchange Bridge" for promoting mutual assistance,Cumulative Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024organized online activities more than 400 times,Complete more than 300 sections of "Inquiry" on the online recording class,Help rural teachers improve education and teaching level,Realized the collaborative growth of urban and rural teachers。Organize the activities of micro -class and informatization teaching innovation competitions in Shaanxi Province (vocational) in Shaanxi Province,Improve the integration and innovation ability of teachers' informationization and teaching,Cumulative participation in more than 100,000 teachers,Provincial award -winning works cumulative more than 3,000 pieces,All the provincial resource platforms are online for provincial primary and secondary school teachers to use。United League

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