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Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024The promotion and training meeting of the national -owned archives resource census of the university in Shaanxi Province
2024-07-09 15:44 Shaanxi Provincial Education Department    (Click: )
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    On the morning of July 5, 2024,The Office of the Leading Group of the Archives Work Work of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee,Provincial Party Committee Education Working Committee、Provincial Department of Education jointly held Betting on Football Matches at Euro 2024The promotion and training meeting of the provincial university state -owned archives resource census。Deputy Secretary -General of the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Archives Bureau (Museum) Gaoxinmin Speaking,Provincial Party Committee Education Working Committee、The second -level inspector of the Provincial Department of Education is chaired by Gao Wei。

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Shaanxi Provincial University of Shaanxi Provincial Universities State -owned Archives Resources Census Work Promotion and Training Conference Main Club

    The meeting notified the work of the first 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitestage of the province's state -owned archives resource census,Combined with provincial university archives work actually carried out census training。Provincial State -owned Archives Resource Census Working Group Office,The person in charge of the relevant office of the Education Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee、Relevant staff directly under the units,Provincial university archives work management school leaders、Office (Archives、Room) Responsible comrades and census working group (special class) personnel attended the meeting。

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Shaanxi Provincial University of Shaanxi Province State -owned Archives Resources Census Work Promotion and Training Club

    Meeting to point out,Provincial university archives are the important discussions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's in -depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping、Comprehensively implement the party's education policy、Careful implementation of education priority development strategy、Active record of actively What is the most accurate football prediction site in Europe?promoting the reform and development of education,It is the fundamental task of the party committees of colleges and universities focusing on Lide Tree people、Socialist builders and successors who have developed the comprehensive development of morality, physical, physical and labor、Historical records of the vivid practice of giving in vivid practice,It is a historical voucher and legal basis for the attributes of public institutions of public colleges and universities,Parenting with various tasks with colleges and universities、Gen Soul Companion。Provincial universities must keep a sober mind,Deep understanding of the state -owned archives attributes of the archives of the provincial university,Correctly grasp the concept of college archives,Make the collection, development and utilization of various carrier archives in accordance with laws and regulations,Especially to continuously strengthen the distinctive Best European Cup prediction websiteprecious archives of the school to enter the museum,Focus on optimizing the storage of the collection archives,Give full play to the role of the archives work, the role of the history, the role of the government。
    Conference emphasized,To deeply understand the strategic consideration and rich consideration of the census of state -owned archives resources,Earnestly implement the arrangement of the State Archives Bureau and the Provincial Party Committee's Archives Leading Group,Prevent phenomenon such as weakening and work blur。The party committees of colleges and universities must always keep in mind the principles of the party and party management archives of archives,Consciously abide by political responsibility、Leading responsibility and work responsibility,Systems arrange the school's state -owned archives resource census,Coordination meets the basic needs of the census work,Concentration Smart Study、Concentration time combing、Concentration Best European Cup prediction websitepower supplement,Ensure that the census object should be exhausted、No weight without leakage,Ensure the full system of census data、Real and accurate。
    Meeting requirements,To go deep into the intern of General Secretary Jinping, come to Shaanxi to inspect the important instructions of the important instructions,Comprehensively implement the province's deepening of the "three years" activities, especially the cadre style ability to improve the annual activities deployment,Highlighting serious、Responsible、Responsibility,Promoting precision、Precision、Fine,Be responsible、Letter、Seeking effective。To deeply realize the rich connotation of the archives work with the "big of the country",Continuously strengthen "with the function of size、Value of the Profit of Qianqiu "pursuit,True to do the specific work of the State -owned Archives Resources Specific Work。

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